Vaping Consumer Body Asks Karnataka Govt To Lift Ban On E-Cigarettes

Saturday, 11 May, 4.39 pm

Karnataka government had banned electronic cigarettes in 2016

According to the Association of Vapers India, the ban is anti-consumer

Last year, the association had also filed a PIL against the state ban on e-cigarettes

In the latest development from the ongoing tussle between the Karnataka government and consumer rights group Association of Vapers India (AVI) over the state ban on electronic cigarettes, the organisation is now demanding to lift the ban.

According to AVI, the e-cigarette ban imposed by the Karnataka state government is anti-people and imperils the lives of over 1.8 Cr smokers in the state.

For the uninitiated, electronic cigarettes are battery-operated devices that are used to inhale an aerosol solution, which typically contains nicotine (not always), flavourings, and other chemicals.