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5 Ways to Improve Your Childs Handwriting

Having good handwriting is very essential for academic success of children. Here are 5 ways to improve handwriting of your child.Parents are always worried about their child's overall development and academic improvement is an integral part of this overall process. Being into studies is not the only criteria for having good academic results but presentation of work is also very important factor. To present academic works neatly or to excel in examination, handwriting holds a very important place. Not all kids have neat and attractive handwriting but by following certain important ways parents can help their children to improve their handwriting.1. Get Your Kids' Grasp the Right WayA child cannot have good handwriting if the child does not know how to grasp the pencil in the correct way. If the pencil is not grasped correctly, the kid cannot write easily. When the pencil is resting next to the thumb-base, it is right way of holding the pencil. The child should hold the pencil very tightly with his or her thumb, middle finger and index finger. With correct grasp of pencil, a kid can write more without letting the fingers get tired.2. The Kids Should Follow the LinesAnother problem in maintain good handwriting is that kids cannot keep the proportions of the letters rightly. Most of the kids find it difficult to keep the lines straight and letters in right proportion. Parents can help their children to overcome this problem by following certain methods. Children should practice writing on lined paper so that they can fill up the space between the lines properly. The capital letters must fill up the space between the bottom and top line. While writing the small case letters, the size should be about half of the capital letters. By regular practicing on the lined paper, children will get fair idea about size of the letters they must follow. Children with poor handwriting can practice on red and blue lined papers.3. The Writing PaceApart from knowing the actual letter size, speed of writing is also a determining factor in making the handwriting look good. Some children are in a habit of writing slow while other write in fast pace. Children should be made to write within a particular timeline and to help them do the same parents must keep a keen eye on their kids' writing pace and set the timeline accordingly. Parents should not become impatient and stress their kid because it may initiate apathy of the kid towards the handwriting improvement program.4. Less Pressure While WritingMost of the children have the tendency to put a lot of pressure on the paper while they are writing. This will not only spoil the handwriting but will stress the fingers of the kids within a less time. The children should be instructed to hold the pencil lightly but firmly and they should not use much pressure on the paper while writing. By following this way, the words will glide easily and handwriting will look good.5. Training at Pre-SchoolThe base of good handwriting is made at the pre-school level. Many pre-schools encourage activities involving things like beans, beads, rice and shells. The kids are given task to make chains or bracelets using beads or they have to transfer the grains of rice or beans from one plate to another. These activities help the children to hold tiny objects and improve the fine motor skills of the children. Activities like finger paintings also help in developing the motor skill of the children.Parents have to play very important role in improving the handwriting of their kids. Parents must ensure that the mission of handwriting improvement in the kids is an interactive process otherwise children will lose interest very soon. By seen observation and following the above suggested methods, parents can help their children in getting easy and confident ways of handwriting improvement.Why do children have poor handwriting? How to improve handwriting of children? Which writing exercises can help to improve handwriting of children? Discuss here.

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