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60 Inspiring Thought-For-The-Day Quotes for Kids

Introducing thought-for-the-day quotes to kids can prove very beneficial for their overall development. Read on to find 60 inspiring thought-for-the-day quotes for them right here.Using 'Thought-For-The-Day' quotes at home for kids can help to inspire them to focus on good things in life. It is a very good exercise to motivate them to think positive and grow-up as better individuals. These quotes are very powerful to divert energies of kids in right direction. Take a quick look at the inspiring thought-for-the-day quotes for kids.Thought-For-The-Day Quotes On:HappinessGratitudeKindnessDisciplineSuccessPositivity------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HappinessLiving a happier life is an art. Here are some quotes that can really help to inspire kids to be happy in life.1) Happiness multiplies when you make others happy.2) Be happy for what you are.3) Always be happy.4) Be happy for others in their happiness.5) Find happiness in little things.6) You will surely get happiness, when you will truly want to be happy from inside.7) Focusing on positive things in life can really make you happy.8) Focus on your own happiness but without hurting others.9) You can never be happy by laughing at others in pain.10) You can find true happiness when you help othersGratitudePractising gratitude is important to be contented in life. Take a quick look at the inspiring quotes for motivating children to be grateful.1) Always be thankful for what you have.2) While complaining about the things that we don't have, we forget to value the precious things that we already have.3) We must always be grateful to people who help us.4) We must always be grateful to people who care for us.5) Practising gratitude can boost our inner happiness.6) It is very important to express gratitude.7) Practice gratitude and move ahead in life.8) Practising gratitude can bring happiness.9) Gratitude can boost self-esteem and confidence.10) Practising gratitude can make you a better human being.KindnessBeing kind is one of the important virtues of good human beings. Here are few things that you can teach your kids through these inspiring quotes on kindness.1) Always be kind to yourself.2) Be kind to others without any expectations.3) Everyone can understand the language of kindness.4) Act of kindness in never wasted.5) Let your world be full of kindness.6) You will be remembered more for your kindness.7) Few kind words can change someone's life.8) Kindness has a power to make the world a beautiful place.9) It is always possible to be kind.10) Every day can be made beautiful with kindness.DisciplineDiscipline is important to be successful in life. Let us take a look at some motivational quotes for helping children imbibe discipline.1) It is very important to be disciplined to be successful in life.2) Be disciplined and work hard to taste success.3) Your success is determined by your discipline.4) Discipline makes life easier.5) It is not important to be smarter than the rest, it is more important to be disciplined than the rest.6) Life is worthless without discipline.7) The one who is disciplined will never regret in life.8) Being disciplined prepares one to win always.9) Being disciplined helps to avoid troubles in life.10) Living a disciplined life pays off in the long run.SuccessHere are some motivational quotes for encouraging children to work towards success.1) Success cannot be achieved with shortcuts.2) The road to success is not easy.3) Success only comes to those who look for it.4) Success only comes to those who work hard for it.5) Do not let the fear of failure stop you from achieving success.6) Success cannot be achieved overnight.7) A successful individual has laser like focus.8) One must be ready to fall a millions of times for attaining success.9) Just don't dream, wake-up and work to attain success.10) Dream big to attain bigger success.PositivityTake a quick look at some quotes for motivating children to adopt a positive attitude in life.1) A positive mind, a positive life.2) Never underestimate the power of positivity.3) One can win the world with a positive attitude.4) Gone is gone work towards having a bright future.5) A positive attitude helps to lead a positive life.6) Positive thinking is a gateway to success.7) Positive attitude can act like a fuel of achievements.8) One can dig a well of opportunities with positive attitude.9) One can become master of his fate with positive attitude.10) Positive thoughts are a sun of mind.Motivational quotes are very important to cultivate good thoughts in the mind of a child. Such good effort is never going to go waste. By learning motivational quotes, children can learn all the good things in life.What are the benefits of introducing motivational quotes to kids? What are the ways to use inspiring thought of the day quotes for kids? Discuss here.

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