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7 Secrets to Raise Well Rounded Kids

Following positive parenting techniques is essential to raise happy and well rounded kids. Let us take a quick look at the 7 secrets to raise well rounded kids. Every parent wants to raise a happy well rounded child but few know the secrets which help towards this formidable task. To raise a vulnerable sensitive kid in a well rounded personality requires the presence of a solid support system and lots of tender care and love. Parents can do the following things for optimum development of their kids. Encouraging Special Talents Every child is blessed with a special group of abilities and some of these abilities are more difficult to detect. As a parent you need to closely observe your child to detect the exact direction of his or her talents. Simple crossword puzzle lessons with you or a group dance session in your living room can pave the way for intellectual and physical development of your kid. Once the special talent has been discovered, pull out all stops to encourage it and let your kid shine through. Appreciate Efforts Your kid is unlikely to succeed at each new Endeavour that is made. However if he or she gets discouraged with failure early in life then this mind set is likely to stay till adulthood and will finally become the obstacle to personal and professional development. Praise your child for hard work even if efforts have not brought in tangible results. This way you will be encouraging the habit of learning new things. Respect the Learning Style Research done by Harvard University says that there are more than 8 different kinds of intelligences in kids and they include musical, linguistic, logical, interpersonal, mathematical etc. once your child's learning style is identified you can easily help him or her learn better by using that style. For example if your kid has more of visual intelligence then using flash cards will help a lot. Read a Lot There can be no over emphasization on the habit of reading as it paves the way for a healthier well rounded personality in the future. Kids who are exposed to different kinds of intellectual worlds via books become better observers, listeners and analysers besides being capable of greater linguistic and writing skills. Researchers recommend reading to babies who are 1 year old or more to help them recognize the rhythm of language. Eat your Meals Together Eating food together will teach your kid important social skills like how to sit at the dinner table and how to use a spoon and fork etc. In time they will pick up the nuances of table etiquette without you having to spend too much time on it. Eating food together will allow all of you to bond together as a family and spend quality time together. Ensure a Good Night's Sleep Sleeping for eight solid hours every day is recommended for proper cell repair and brain growth. Do everything in your power to ensure that your kid gets good sleep every night. This includes restricting TV and cell phone access before bedtime and ensuring that no caffeinated food is consumed around bedtime. Research shows that one hour of missed sleep can reduce cognitive ability by one year so the importance of sleep should be recognized. Hug and Show Physical Affection Hugging and kissing are important ways of showing a young child the adoration and love of parents. Being loved is an important motivator for a child and leads to healthy development in kids. Do not restrict demonstration of physical affection; human touch has healing properties that can drive away stress and negative feelings. In time your kids will also learn to express their affection and become cheerful affectionate adults. These 7 simple tricks that are easy to practice will help you raise a kid with healthier well developed personality. How to raise happy and well rounded kids? Which parenting techniques should be followed to raise well balanced kids? What are the signs of well rounded and happy kids? Discuss here.

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