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Benefits of Public Speaking for Kids

Public speaking skills can prove beneficial for children in many walks of life. Read on to find more about the benefits of public speaking for children.Statistics show that most people put the "fear of public speaking" on the top of their list of fears. It is perceived to be very scary to stand up in front of an audience and deliver a speech, perform an act or enthral a crowd with some kind of performance. Adults can mask their public speaking qualms under a cloak of false confidence but children are vulnerable and expose their fears. However, if you train your child from a very young age, you can actually leverage his or her natural fearlessness into the trait of good public speaking. There are lots of ways in which this will benefit your child.Communication Skill DevelopmentPublic speaking has a deep positive correlation with the development of communication skills. Becoming a good communicator demands plenty of practice in dealing with and interacting with random members of public. Being exposed to public speaking opportunities mean that your child will learn how to put ideas, actions into words and this will sharply increase the communication skills. This will also let your child know that he or she is capable of spreading valuable and aesthetically enhanced messages to the world that are appreciated.Enhanced Level of ConfidenceSpeaking in public or performing in public automatically generates the unconscious knowledge in the minds of the speaker or performer that he she is capable of delivering something of value to the world. Obviously this is a huge boost to the ego and automatically increases the level of confidence. Getting courage to stand up and confidently speak in front of people is something that your child will always feel proud of and this will have a lasting positive effect on the quality of life.Experience of Planning SkillsChildren as a rule do not get much opportunity to use or develop their planning skills until they are teenagers or young adults. Because a child is mostly taken care of by parents he or she is unaware of naturally to organize tasks on hand and order them in value of importance. However, the skill of speaking in public brings with it the need of preparation and planning. Your child will learn the important trait of future planning, forecasting and developing multiple plan of action to cope with contingencies. A child who is a good public speaker is mostly always a good planner. Planning is a skill that will immensely boost productivity both in professional and personal life.The Art of PersuasionIt is no secret that in today's fiercely competitive world every single person has to know how to persuade others. Often personal and professional goals, objectives and even the path of life are dependent upon others and this is when persuasion skills are deeply needed. Persuasion skills are not something that everybody is born with and neither is it easy to acquire. Public speaking from a young age however is one of the most potent ways in which to enhance the persuading skills. Once this trait is adequately developed there can be no overemphasis on the possible future advantages of the same.Expression of SpontaneityBeing spontaneous and creative in speech is something which almost every person wishes to achieve but not everybody has this skill. It is generally observed that spontaneous people are well liked and therefore do well both in professional and personal aspects. Public speaking is one area that instinctively helps develop the expression of spontaneity as the art of public speaking involves translating feelings into words.Public speaking also involves improvisation and this is how children become more creative and expressive. If done from an early age, public speaking can have a great positive effect on the personality.What are the benefits of public speaking for children? How to encourage children to imbibe public speaking skills? Which other skills are developed in children due to public speaking?

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