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Harmful Effects of Depression on Children

Depression can seriously affect the health and well being of children. Let us take a look at the harmful effects of depression on children.It is not surprising to see children in depression today. In today's world where dysfunctional families and intense competition at everything is a common thing, it is not unnatural for children to fall prey to the evil called depression.Out of every five families, there are at least two families which have a depressed child in them. Unfortunately, it has become a common problem that psychiatrists have to deal with almost regularly. Depression has many side effects some of which can prove to be extremely harmful for a child in the long run.Here are some of the harmful effects that a child in depression goes through.Mood SwingsThe first symptom that a child in depression shows is mood swings. A depressed child stays quiet or irritable. If your child is extremely quiet one moment and irritating and angry the next moment, it is a major sign that he or she is going through depression. Anxious all the time, a depressed child is almost never happy with anything. They want to be left alone and hate socialising when going through depression.Loss of EnergyA child in depression loses energy really fast. They seem to be exhausted right from the start of the day. It seems as they are fighting to function normally through the day. They completely lose the urge to go out and play with their friends or participate in any family gathering. Even sitting at the dinner table seem to become a herculean task for them. Even though this energy loss is mostly physical, sometimes this exhaustion and drop in liveliness is also due to the lowering of their will power or urge to do anything.Grades DeteriorateDepression destroys a child's ability to concentrate properly. As a result of loss in concentration their ability to study and retain knowledge lessens by the day and ultimately it is their performance in school that suffers. So it is not unnatural that a child who had been the topper of his or her class almost fails a particular subject because of depression. Along with concentration problems, depression robs the child of the ability to think properly and spontaneously as well, which in turn affect their academics to a great extent.Eating DisordersAn important effect of depression on children is eating disorders. Being in depression, a child's capacity to eat lessens day by day. After a certain point, it so happens, that even if a child wants to eat more they end up throwing up the excess food as their stomach has stopped being able to take more. This affects the child's health, thereby making the depression a dangerous ailment for him or her.Sadness and CryingA depressed child is always sad. They often start crying at the drop of a hat and it seems as if all the happiness has been sucked out of their lives. Sometimes the sadness becomes too much for them to handle leading them to have suicidal thoughts. While some try their best to dismiss these thoughts, some children act on these thoughts which prove to be fatal.So a child in depression should never be underestimated. As parents you should always keep your child under observation. You never know when your child crosses the threshold of sanity, when in depression. Try to show them your love and care for them as much as possible. There is nothing better than the feeling of being loved and the feeling of being secure. Therefore, if your child has been showing any two of these symptoms then he or she needs to be treated and healed from this evil called depression.What are the ill effects of depression on children? How to prevent depression in children? What are the common signs and symptoms of depression in children? Discuss here.

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