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How to Not Be a Bad Parent

Parenting is not easy and there is nothing called as perfect parent. However, parents can follow certain things to avoid being a bad parent. Have a quick look at the tips to avoid being a bad parent. Parents are the foremost teachers for every child and home is the first school of learning. The impact of either good parenting or bad parenting is reflected from the behaviour patterns that a child exhibits during the growth stage. Parenting - a Lifelong Commitment Parent-child relationship is a unique bonding, which articulates unconditional love and care. A child, who is deprived of a healthy parent-child relation, has to suffer for the worst all throughout his or her life. Such children usually develop complexities in their behaviour, thinking and mannerism. Yes, it is the responsibility of every parent to ensure that the child gets the best from the parents in the family. Bad parenting perhaps is not a deliberate attempt, yet the repercussions are almost regretful. Bad Parenting and Unhappy Childhood Parents who have strict rules to adhere are not providing a healthy environment to their children. A child needs positive environment which is devoid of negativities that hamper a child's psychology. This is a grave issue and the consequences of which may leave complex behaviour problems in a child. Understand and Imbibe Good Parenting SkillsBeing a good parent is not an assurance of perfection. As no human being is perfect, yet self-analysis of one's own action may help to revoke what is not good for the child. As a parent, be decisive about your positive actions in life. Not to forget the fact that children are good imitators. Be a Good Listener Your child needs your attention. Be a good listener and help your child when in need. Your child should not feel neglected or lonely by your constant 'no response'. In doing so, children stop trusting their parents or approaching them with any big or small problems of their life. Ultimately, they start taking self decisions when they are incapable of differentiating the good or bad. Discipline Your Child Parents should discipline children so as to stop them from reiterating their mistakes. Disciplining does not mean defining boundaries for strictness or harshness. Every act of discipline should be layered with love and caress, so that the child is not offended. Never encourage your child's bad behaviour or manners. Do Not Compel Your Child Children should not be compelled to fulfil the parent's desire. In doing so, it is possible that the child is unable to fulfil their expectations and be de-motivated by continuous scrutiny of the child's performance. Understand and encourage your child's calibre talents, likes and dislikes. Avoid favouritism or being partial amongst your children. Children may feel neglected and ignored. Pamper Your Child for the Good Every child loves pampering. But pampering should be constructive and not spoil the child. Children should not be spoon fed every time, lest they become more dependable on others. Children tend to become self-centred and demanding while parents fulfil their wish or demands. Parents should make rightful choices for their children. Avoid Verbal and Physical Abuse Children should not be disciplined physically. Verbal abuse enters the terminology of your child gradually. Parents should avoid such situations, as this may affect the child's normal behaviour and result in aggressiveness and short temperedness. Children will lose patience and react instantly when confronted with any untoward situation. Imbibe and Teach Life Lessons Children should be taught to value relationships and respect elders. Good parenting is not just providing good education and fulfilling monetary needs of the child. By overcoming your own infirmities as a parent would definitely convert bad parenting to good parenting. In the lighter sense - "All good qualities in a child are the result of environment, while all the bad ones are the result of poor heredity on the side of the other parent"How do parents turn into a bad parent unknowingly? What are the signs of a good parent? Is it possible to imbibe perfect parenting skills? Discuss here.

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