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Inculcating Generosity and Kindness in Children

Generosity and kindness are the most important characteristics that every parent wants his or her child to possess. Read on to learn how you can encourage your child develop a sense of generosity. Children are delicate and soft by nature. There are many things that go on in the surrounding that helps make up a child's character and nature. Parents want their children to share and for this they sometimes even force their kids to do that. Some might promise a tempting prize or reward while some are simply appreciated and admired for the act.Recent studies have shown that if children are left to decide on their own, their act gets driven by kindness automatically. They would impulsively help anyone who is in trouble as they possess urge of kindness within. Their main intention becomes to help that person or animal feel better rather than anything else if they find it in trouble or miserable.However, this does not mean that parents should do nothing but leave it on their children to develop their characteristics. In fact, children need to be introduced to their inner self but with patience and support. So, if you show generosity and help anyone who is in trouble, your child will definitely learn to help others.How to Help Children Develop their Generous ImpulseHere is how to help children develop values like generosity and kindness.Become a Role ModelThe best way to teach your child about kindness and caring for others is to demonstrate it in your activities. Always keep in mind children follow their parents' footsteps no matter whether you want it or not. Just make sure you explain situations and your act to your child without showing any kind of self pride.AwarenessTo develop the impulse of generosity in children it is very important you make them aware of where sharing and helpfulness is required and how they can help other people. You can start with their friends or by taking your child to the poor children. They will come to know about the needs of the children and then you should show them the ways in which they can help those children. For example if your child's friend needs something that your child has, let her give it to that child.OpportunityHelp your child make use of the opportunity that she gets to share and help others. If she needs your help and support, it is advisable to show interest in her good deeds and help her accomplish it.Always Avoid Confrontation and CompulsionOne of the most important things that parents should keep in mind is that generosity cannot be developed in children forcefully. So, it is good to avoid such situations and instead help your child understand things in a better way. So, if you find that your child does not want to share her new toy with the guests who are expected, it is better to keep that toy out of sight so that your child does not have to face a situation where she is left with no choice.When you are helping your child develop generous nature, it is very important you keep a watch on your own activities. If you find that your child is over generous you have to make her understand the difference between need and want of the other child.On the other hand if you find that your child is of completely opposite nature, you should try to find out the reason behind it. Give her the time and support she needs so that she overcomes her unhelpful nature.Will free will make kids become more generous? Why is important to inculcate values like generosity and kindness in children? How to deal with unkind and selfish children? Discuss here.

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