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Signs That Your Child Has Low Self Esteem

Do you know that allocating simple chores to kids can boost their self esteem and confidence? Learn more about age-appropriate tasks for kids.Kids are often bored with absolutely nothing to do. Allocating various tasks to children as per their age can keep them occupied and make them responsible.Below are a few ideas for allocating age appropriate tasks to kids which can do wonders to their self-esteem and confidence.Ages 2 and 3Picking Up Toys After Playing - Kids of this age might love to play however putting back toys after playing can be a major task. Hence, instead of you picking up toys, ensure that your kids put them back in the proper place without your supervision.Making the Bed - After children wakeup in the morning, they can help in making the sheets and pillows alright. This will make them responsible. However do not scold them if they do it wrong. It takes time to learn as they are still small.Ages 4 and 5Getting Dressed Without Help - At this age, children must learn to get dressed alone without any assistance. Whether it is a shirt or pant, they must learn to button up, tie shoelaces, etc.Wash Hands -Teach kids to wash their hands before every meal or after going out and coming. At this age, children should learn to start washing even before you tell them. It will make them learn and understand the importance of good health.Ages 6 and 7Bringing the Groceries - After you and your family have finished shopping, you can expect your son or daughter of this age to neatly stack groceries in the kitchen or wherever required. They should learn to lift bags from cars or taxi and become responsible.Dusting and Folding Laundry - Children of this age can help you out in the kitchen. They can fold the laundry clothes and do some dusting to keep the rooms clean. They can also put the clothes in the cupboard and stack the utensils after washing.Ages 8 to 11By this age, children should be aware of personal hygiene habits. They should help in housework and become responsible for their belongings.You do not need to wake them up every morning. Teach them to set up an alarm clock for waking up. They should also take responsibility for their home-work. Ages 12 and 13They should help Mom or Dad every day. They should learn to get up with the alarm clock. Teach them simple home cooked meals.They can help in keeping bathrooms clean. They should know to recharge batteries of various devices like alarm clock, remote, etc.Ages 14 and 15They should learn to take care of younger siblings and become more independent. They can also start staying alone at home.They should learn to make a list of things needed like groceries. They can also help in buying household items and occasionally serve Mom or Dad a meal after they come home.Ages 16 to 18By this age, they are almost adults. Let them learn responsibilities for their own belongings like books, etc. They should know the value of money and how to be careful without over-spending.If they are driving a car, they should learn to maintain it. At this age, they can start purchasing their own clothes from the shops or malls.Thus, there are several age-appropriate tasks for kids which can make them responsible. It will boost their self-esteem. However, you should be loving and patient with them. Do not expect perfection especially at a young age and be prepared for small mistakes.However, as they age, they will become smarter and more intelligent requiring little or no supervision. It will make you so proud to make your child confident and capable. Thus, try to give your children age appropriate tasks so they grow into wonderful adults.What are the benefits of giving age-appropriate tasks? How to boost confidence of children? How to raise responsible children? Discuss here.

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