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The Right Equipment for Bird Watching

Bird watching is an enjoyable and educational experience for your child. Here is some of the basic equipment a person needs for this hobby. Bird watching is an activity that has been popular for over a hundred years. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages, especially children. A child who is fed up of playing video games and bored of being cooped up inside the house will welcome the opportunity to be able to go outside in the fresh air. Bird watching gives a child the chance to experience life in different surroundings. It allows him to get some much needed exercise in the form of the physical activity required to move from place to place. In addition, it introduces him to a whole new world and enhances his general knowledge. However, in order to pursue this activity, your child will require some basic equipment to aid him in his task. Binoculars This is the most important item that a bird watcher requires. Binoculars are also known as 'field glasses'. They consist of two identical telescopes, which are placed side by side and aligned in such a way that they point in the same direction. This enables an individual to use both eyes while viewing a distant object, magnified by the telescopes. The type of binoculars you buy for your child will depend on how serious he is about his hobby. If your child is even mildly interested in bird watching, consider a sturdy pair of binoculars which are not very expensive. As far as possible, do not buy a pair that is very cheap. They are very fragile and will break easily. A pair of good binoculars can be expensive but they will be worth it. Consider the price you pay for them as a form of investment towards your child's future. If you can buy expensive toys for your child, why not spend the same amount on a pair of binoculars. Remember that they will be subject to abuse. They may fall accidentally, bang into rocks, and even be immersed in water. After all this rough handling, the binoculars should still be functional. This is why most pairs have a rubber covering on the outside. Take your child along while going to purchase the binoculars. Have him try out different pairs to see which one suits him best. He should be comfortable adjusting the focus of the instrument as required. He should also be able to get a solid grasp on the binoculars so that he can hold them steadily. A sturdy pair of binoculars will be fairly heavy. So make sure that your child can hold them in his hand or around his neck for an extended period. Field Guide A field guide is a book that is solely for the purpose of helping a person to identify the various species and natural objects he comes across. This could include birds, insects, plants, rocks, etc. It is meant to be taken along into the field in order to enable a person to distinguish between two or more similar objects. A field guide for birds usually includes a photograph of the bird, a short description and some information about its natural habitat. The birds may be grouped into sections depending on their size, colouration, or natural habitat. Field guides that are more scientific in nature will also have keys to identify which family a particular bird belongs to as well as an index for quick reference. Camera Aside from simply observing birds in their natural habitat, your child will naturally want to take photographs as a means of preserving his memories. These could be photos of the birds themselves as well as those of the surroundings he visited. Earlier, taking photographs of birds was a cumbersome process that did not guarantee good results. In addition, the camera and telephoto lens required for zooming in on distant objects was an extra burden to carry. Taking photographs is easier nowadays, with the advent of digital cameras. These are easy to use and have built-in zoom capabilities. This has made it easier to focus on distant objects and take clear pictures of them. However, a camera is best given to a slightly older child who understands its value. Bird watching can provide your child with hours of excitement. Enrolling him in a bird watcher's club will allow him to make new friends and share his pursuits with like-minded people.

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