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Ways to Improve Attention Span of Children

Good focus and concentration abilities can help children excel in every field. Therefore, it is essential to follow different ways and carryout different activities to improve their attention span. Let us take a look at some ways to improve attention span of children.The first years of a kid are crucial for developing focus and concentration. If not taken care in teaching your kids how to focus, then they may experience short attention span when they grow up. The sound of distant traffic, the chirping of birds, the tick of the clock, and every minute sound like that can distract your kids from concentrating on a certain task. But here are few ways to improve attention span of children.Minimize DistractionsWhen your kids are trying hard to concentrate, even a minimum distraction can break their attention span. Try to remove all visual distractions like toys, games, unnecessary clutter, etc. from their workplace. Even when you give infants a toy to distract them while you change their diapers, it teaches them not to pay attention. So not only minimize, but also discourage distractions. You should involve your kids into each task that involves them and make them participate as much as you do. This highly improves their attention span in a certain task they are involved in.Read to Your KidsReading always has been a great way to improve focus and concentration. When you read a book to your kids, they are supposed to listen to it. It can be a story book or any kind of book they would be interested in listening. Every time you read a story, do not forget to check with few questions whether they are really listening to you and finding it interesting. Read to them every day for certain span of time, and this will gradually increase their attention span. Take your kids to a nearby library and make them members and ask them to choose books on their own.Give Them ResponsibilitiesTake your kids to the grocery shop and ask them to choose ingredients for cooking and other household chores by themselves. Give them a list to pick things from the store while you watch them by their side. Ask them to help you in gardening or arrange the kitchen or wash the clothes or decorate the room. This will make them feel they are responsible for their jobs and at the same time, it will enhance their focus to complete that assigned job.Play Interactive GamesLimit battery-operated toys as they are not interactive and do not enhance motor skills - instead play real games with your kids, for example, hide-and-seek, tag, ice and water, statues, catch, football, Twister, etc. These motor games need a certain amount of coordination and motor planning - so that will surely help your kids to improve attention span. In that case, even old fashioned board games work great. Along with increasing attention span, they also teach your kids social skills like turn taking and sportsmanship.Organize TasksHelp your kids to organize their task. If it is a too big task, then teach them how to break tasks into simpler tasks and achieve each task step by step. Allow your kids to focus long enough to perform only a part of the task, and then take a break, and then again start the second part of the task with greater attention. Gradually they will finish tasks and by the end, their attention span would also be boosted.Despite all these strategies, do not forget to allow your kids to sweat it out - yes! Physical activity is a must as it boosts blood circulation throughout your body including your brain. Kids having attention disorders do better when they exercise regularly. At least 30 minutes for a day, you must involve your kids into some physical activity - it can be anything. This will naturally improve their attention span.How to improve attention span of children? Which activities can help to boost attention span of children? What kind of exercises can help children to improve their focus and concentration? Discuss here.

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