Monday, 06 Jul, 10.55 am Kalam Times

America launches nuclear warship in badly engulfed China, South China Sea

On the one hand, the tension between India and the Chinese Army in Ladakh remains intact, on the other hand, in the South China Sea, there is increasing tension. The US has sent two of its aircraft carriers equipped with nuclear power to the South China Sea. This has led to America's tensions with China. The US Navy has retaliated against China based on a Global Times report. News reports said China has a large stock of anti-aircraft carrier weapons and the South China Sea is fully occupied by the Chinese military. The US Navy said that they are not afraid of it.

China's Global Times wrote in a tweet, "China has a long range of weapons such as the DF-21D and DF-26. The South China Sea is completely within the grasp of the LPA. Any American aircraft carrier in this area Activity will make PLA happy: Analyzer "

In fact, China's official newspaper Global Times wrote on Twitter that China has anti-aircraft weapons, such as DF-21D and DF-26, aircraft carrier killer missiles. The South China Sea is completely under the control of the PLA. Any kind of activity in the American Army aircraft career in this area is nothing more than a recreation for the PLA.

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