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Kanpur: Police theory failed somewhere and somewhere passed for Vikas Dubey encounter

Some points of Vikas Dubey encounter have also come under the scanner. The theory of the police is near but it is incomprehensible at some points. 5 encounters were carried out within 8 days of the Bikeru scandal. In this, Vikas Dubey and his five henchmen were killed.

On Thursday, her close Prabhat had an encounter in Kanpur and Barua Dubey had an encounter in Etawah. Before Prabhat's encounter, the police had said that the vehicle was punctured. A day before this, Vikas's right-hand sharpshooter Amar Dubey collapsed in Hamirpur. Almost all of these four theories emerged that they were trying to escape by attacking the police.

Earlier on the second day of the incident, Vikas's maternal uncle Prem Prakash Pandey and aide Atul Dubey were killed by police in an encounter near Bikaru village. They also fired upon seeing the police. Three of them escaped by firing the pistol of the accused police in the encounter.

Therefore, So changed the car

Friday's encounter, the biggest question on the theory of the police was that if the STF left Ujjain on the development, then it was boarded in a safari vehicle. The vehicle that crashed before the encounter was Mahindra's TUV-100. On this, the police officers said that when a big criminal is brought from one place to another, the vehicles in the convoy are interchangeable. This could prevent his henchmen from attacking.

The fired by Vikas

encounter shot firing encounter, the theory also emerged that the police opened fire to stop the runaway development. The officials later clarified that the first shot was fired by Vikas. The police fired in response.

If he did not shoot, he would have killed.

Police shot Vikas on his chest, the question arose whether he wanted to kill him? On this, the officer said that Vikas started firing directly. If the police did not fire in response, there was every possibility of the firing of personnel.

The bullet did not see the accident,

a big question also arose that no one had seen the accident. Passer Ashish Paswan, who was present there in a video released by news agency ANI, said that he heard gunshots, but no police car crashed. Police say the vehicle was overturned.

The police will have to answer these questions

- Vikas surrendered himself in Ujjain, so why try to run away after the accident near Bhaunti?

- Why did the Ujjain police not show arrest, why did not take him to court for transit remand?

- Why and how did the STF convoy overturn only after coming to the Kanpur border?

- Did not mark the car on the road at 50-100 meters before turning over?

- If the car overturns at a high speed, there is a lot of damage, but why only the glass is broken in it?

Why didn't anyone other than the police show this accident on the highway amidst heavy traffic?

- Vikas had a bad leg, was he able to run away after grabbing the weapon after the accident?

- Why did STF not take such precautions, why its hands were not tied?

- Why did the police not learn a lesson from Prabhat, a development partner, and sharpshooter?

- In 24 hours, one vehicle was punctured and the other overturned, what kind of police vehicles are there?

- Why was the media forcibly stopped at Bara toll plaza just 10 minutes before the encounter?

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