Sunday, 09 Aug, 12.37 pm Kalam Times

Ministry of Defense bans import of 101 devices under the Self-Dependent India Campaign!

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has made a big announcement about the country's defense equipment. To give a big boost to self-sufficient India, the Ministry of Defense has banned the import of 101 defense equipment. After this decision of the Ministry of Defense, the production of defense equipment in the country will get a big boost. The Defense Minister himself has given information in this regard by tweeting many and said that after the Prime Minister's call for self-reliant India, the Ministry of Defense has taken this big step


The Ministry of Environment has banned the import of 101 defense equipment under the Self-Reliant India Campaign. The Defense Minister made several tweets in this regard and said that the Ministry of Defense has made preparations to fast forward the self-reliant India campaign. A list of 101 goods has been prepared by the Ministry, whose import will be banned. This is a major step towards self-dependent India. This decision was taken by the Ministry of Defense after PM Modi called for this self-sufficient India campaign. This decision will allow the defense industry to produce on a large scale.

The list prepared by the Ministry of Defense for the domestic production of defense products has been prepared after discussion with the army, civilians, and private industries. Rajnath Singh said that the three armies of the country had given contracts worth about three and a half lakh crore rupees between April 2015 and August 2020, it is estimated that in the next 6-7 years, the domestic industry will get contracts worth about Rs 4 lakh crore.

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