Sunday, 24 Jan, 1.49 pm Kashmir Times

AIKMS denounces Centre's proposal for suspension of laws

NEW DELHI, Jan 23: Central Executive Committee of All India Kisan Mazdoor Sabha, AIKMS has said the central government proposal for Suspension of Acts and the Agriculture Ministers' position that they will not be Repealed solves no problem of the Farmers. Suspension for any period means agreeing to their implementation on a postponed date and this is not acceptable to any farmer or their unions.
The Govt offer is saddled with a committee. With the sword of these suspended Acts dangling around the necks of the farmers, all discussions in the Committee will involve only reforms in these Acts which are neither possible nor meaningful and these have already been rejected. Though the GOI claims it has offered all it could in the 11th round of talks, Committee is all what it had offered in the initial rounds.
The Objectives of the Acts command the Govt to promote private big traders, exporters, big retailers in Agriculture Trade and Contract farming. The Govt has already allocated Rs 1 lac crore for this promotion and promoting these Giant Private Sector and Multinational Companies will certainly involve de-promoting the Govt subsidies on inputs, procurement and MSP and will lead to increased indebtedness of farmers, increase in suicides and eviction from land. The Acts promote Indian and Foreign Big Corporate, whose interest the BJP govt is advancing. Its plan is pro Imperialist and is against Indian farmers and development of Indian Markets.
These laws will reduce Govt procurement, end PDS and expose 75 crore poor people to depend for purchasing food on a market controlled by Corporate. Both starvation and hunger deaths will rise.
AIKMS has said that more than 1 lac tractors and 10 lac farmers and supporters shall enter Delhi for the Republic Day parade on 26th. This is the decision of all Farmer Unions and preparations are in full swing. It is the responsibility of the Central Govt to make proper arrangements and avoid chaos.

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