Saturday, 23 Jan, 11.54 pm Kashmir Times

Farmers say they are not "enemy"

NEW DELHI, Jan 22: The Kisan Ekta Morcha heading the farmers' protest at Delhi's borders come out with a new hashtag every day for its Twitter messages. On Friday it said: "#StopChinaNotFarmers" is today's hashtag. Let us use it, share it & viral it, so that our farmers' voices reach the government and actions are taken further.
In one of the tweets, it said with another hashtag #StopChinaNotFarmers: "Govt should focus on real enemies & stop tainting our nationalist farmers." A farmer union leader said majority of those protesting on the borders are the Sikhs and so they are shocked that the Sikhs, who provide maximum soldiers and officers to the Indian Forces to fight the enemies, are being dubbed anti-national because they are engaged not in any anti-national movement but in a national movement to save agriculture from the corporate sector. Anyone against the government cannot be painted as anti-national, he added.
Morcha underlined in another tweet that "today, if you want to define nationalism, then you can define in two simple words 'KisanMorcha,' where people from all religions and castes are struggling together."
It also carried a YouTube speech by farmer leader Jaspreet Singh on how the farm laws were enacted to fill coffers of the corporate companies.

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