Wednesday, 05 Aug, 12.23 am Kashmir Times

Warm weather secret of low fatality rate in India!

NEW DELHI, Aug 4: Doctors of the Tata Memorial Centre, Mumbai, have attributed the low Covid-19 mortality rate to warm climate preventing development of the blood clots in deep veins and thus shielding the Covid-infected from death.
They say people in tropical countries have a low predisposition to deep-vein clots. This could be one of the factors underlying the striking geographical difference in the Covid-19 mortality, they claim.
These doctors have backed their conjecture by citing the authoritative textbook, Bailey and Love's Short Practice of Surgery, which says that VTE "is virtually unknown in Singapore and is believed to occur more frequently with the arrival of snow and ice."
"We already know from experience that clotting episodes are more frequent in winter. We also see relatively low incidence of clotting as a side-effect of certain anti-cancer drugs," says Tata Memorial director Rajendra Badwe.
No wonder, the memorial doctors say studies in China, US and Europe have shown that the formation of deep-vein clots, called Venous thrombo-embolism (VTE), and the associated Oxygen deprivation is a major cause of death in Covid-19 patients.

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