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BJP's surprise decision after poll results

NEW DELHI: It is hinted that the BJP has started making plans of who all should be inducted in the union cabinet after exit polls predicted their second term. It is almost sure that party chief Amit Shah, who has a pivotal role in the poll results of 2019, will be included in the union cabinet. Instead Union Defence Minister Nirmala Sitaraman is likely to be the party chief. Shah will be included in the cabinet only after completing the procedures of organisational polls. Noted personalities presently in the cabinet will return to the party. The leadership has instructed many union ministers to emphasise more into party affairs.

The decision of the leadership is to give importance to party activities. As part of it, ministers will be brought to the party. More new faces will be included in the union cabinet. Special efforts will be taken to take both party and the cabinet in the same level. The party will take more steps to reach the government's benefits to the people.

Meantime, it is hinted that Amit Shah will not be included in the cabinet immediately. Usually the national chief will be nominated and the national council approves it. This will be changed and the new chief will be appointed after conducting polls from booth levels. Amit Shah will reach the cabinet only after this. Amit Shah, who was a Rajya Sabha member is contesting from Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat.

Rajnath Singh, who was party chief when Narendra Modi was sworn in Prime Minister in 2014, was included in the cabinet. Amit Shah became the chief in that vacancy in July 2014. According to the governing body of the BJP, the chairman of the party is allowed two full terms. Following that, Amit Shah became the party chief again in January 2016. Though his tenure ended in January 2019, he continued in that post due to polls.

There is an argument that Amit Shah can be president again if he has not completed three years in the first term. However, there is a move to make Nirmala Sitharaman as the party chief. More possibility is for Nirmala being a woman and hailing from South India. Her outstanding performance as a defence minister is also an added advantage. If she is nominated in the post, she would be the first woman reaching that post.

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