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Brutality of woman police against woman leader

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: "They lifted my two hands up, caught hold of my breasts, tried to choke me. There is swelling till my under arms. I feel ashamed to say this, but the police should not do this to anyone else tomorrow", said state vice president of welfare party Shreeja Neyyattinkara to Kerala Kaumudi Online.

The incident happened when the party was staging protests against the chief minister on the lapses that occurred on the probe related to the death of girls in Walayar. None of the women leaders and organisations have come forward to react on the brutality held in the capital city. Only Dr J Devika and Saradakutty Teacher have responded.

She said, "There was a large contingent of police near the premises of VJT Hall as the chief minister had to attend a function. Thirty activists led by the welfare party from martyr's Column reached the hall. Even before reaching the hall, women cops surrounded us. I heard a cop saying catch her and put her inside. Woman activist and writer Vineetha Vijayan was with me. The police pushed us. That's when a female circle inspector and a female sub inspector came towards me. One of them lifted my hand. Women cops grabbed both my breasts and squeezed. I was in pain. They abused me. By then, they caught hold of my neck and choked me. They pushed me into the police van. If my hands were free, I would have beaten her. I suffered that much pain. I am scared of losing my voice.

By the time we reached the station, Vineetha collapsed. It was then the sub inspector asked to release us.

The police called an ambulance and took Vineetha to the hospital after I yelled at them. Police left the place saying mutual bail has been granted. This is the case if protests are staged in our country. To whom should we complain? Don't the women organisations have to say anything? Devika chechi and Saradakutty Teacher are the only two who reacted. Devika chechi has written an open letter to Shailaja Teacher? I have a daughter. What happened to the girls in Walayar girl should not happen to another one. A protest march would be held to the residence of the chief minister. I will not deliver a speech as my sound is gone. After that I will go to a doctor, she said.

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