Sunday, 19 Jan, 4.33 pm Kaumudi Online

Cat trapped in Kochi Metro rescued

KOCHI: A cat which got trapped in between the pillars of Kochi Metro has been rescued. Fire force officials along with the locals rescued the cat after a two-hour long effort. The cat was said to have been caught in between the pillars for the past six days.

A huge crane was used to help the fireman go up to the height of the metro track. Traffic came to a halt for almost two hours. It was not easy as the cat kept running and climbing further. A net was spread on both sides of the road with people holding it while a fireman climbed up with a scoop net and tried to woo the cat to move into it. However the cat tried to climb up further and move to the other side.

Another fireman got on the crane and finally managed to catch the cat and forced him into the scoop net. Without giving the people a chance to do anything, the cat jumped out of it and ran on to the road. He was later caught by the locals.

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