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Devaswom board decides to stop practice of offering cow, calf to Guruvayur temple

GURUVAYUR: Devaswom Board has decided to stop the ceremony of offerings cows or calves to Guruvayur temple. But the board has not clarified whether it is a stopgap arrangement.

This is being done reportedly to improve the basic infrastructure of existing cow sheds at the temple. However, those who want to donate a cow or calf can pay Rs 10,000 and the board will make arrangement for making the offering symbolically.

Some devotees make the offering under the belief that it will atone the sin done by them in their previous births. Earlier, devotees used to offer elephants to Guruvayur temple. But this was stopped completely after the temple found it very expensive to take care of them.

Not only in Guruvayur but in many other temples the practice of offering voiceless beings like bovines, hens, elephants and goats are there. But, the sad part is that once the ceremony is over, the devotees never bother to enquire about the condition of the animals. And, some of the animals languish without proper food, shelter or care.

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