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Govt's new building rules pose a threat to construction of small houses

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The state government has recently replaced the Kerala municipality building rules (KMBR) of 1999 by a new set of rules. As per the new rule, a 3-metre distance between the front side of the building and the road is required which can affect the construction of smaller buildings in the state.

According to KMBR, the minimum distance between the road and the building must be 2 metres. With the introduction of the new rules, those who are constructing houses and other buildings within 3 cents are likely to suffer.

Rule 62 of the older rules had given special consideration to the construction in smaller areas. However, no such considerations are mentioned in the new set of rules which means that both the owner of a small one-room house and the owner of a mansion have to obey the same rule. It must be noted that large buildings with ample parking space also require just 3-metre distance from the road.

The KMBR had even allotted the construction of smaller buildings by considering the average vacant distance surrounding the buildings. However, no such considerations will be made hereafter.

People residing in the densely populated areas are likely to suffer as the new set of rules will not be compromising about the distance from the road even in the case of buildings that were constructed before 2000 March 19. The new set of rules was introduced by the Local Self Government Department on November 8.

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