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Thara Kalyan gives Rs 50 to old woman for buying medicine, attracts trollers for posting Tiktok video of her generosity

Actress Thara Kalyan is a familiar face on mini screen. She is also a Tiktok fame. Most of her videos with her daughter Soubhagya have been applauded. But a recent Tiktok video of her 'benevolence ' has drawn criticism.

In the video she can be seen giving Rs 50 to a poor old woman, saying that "hello friends. I'm now on the LMS compound. Subhashini Amma is with me. She tells me she wants money to buy medicine. I'm doing a small help, thanks to God."

Soon after she posted the video, many comments started appearing on social media criticising her, one even asking her whether she was the new tree of goodness. As comments started exceeding the limit, Thara Kalyan herself posted another Tiktok video, saying "I am earning every penny after toiling a lot. Therefore, for me, what I did was a big thing. When we mop the tears of a person, don't put price for it.I posted that on Tiktok because it is my happiness. Tiktok is the expression. Of my soul. Again I'll post such videos. Let me do what I like. Why those people who don't like me are trolling me?"

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