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Marking a drop, Jaipur secures 23rd spot in Ease of Living Index rankings 2020

Despite being one of the most active regions across the nation when it comes to implementing welfare schemes, Jaipur has recorded a drop in 'Ease of Living Index' rankings released recently by the central government. Securing the 23rd spot in the list, the pink city lagged behind other metropolitan regions in the country. While capitals of some states made it to the top 20, Jaipur stands behind Jodhpur and Kota in Rajasthan itself.

Best on economic ability, worst on sustainability


While Jodhpur and Kota were ranked 2nd and 19th respectively, Jaipur registered a higher rank. Receiving the 13th rank, Jaipur outshone other regions on the scale of economic ability. It was only through this parameter that the city could manage to successfully reflect upon its expectations. On the sustainability criterion, Jaipur ranked 40 behind Meerut, Bhopal, Jabalpur and Kanpur, raising a cause of concern.

As per the central government's opinion, such tests and evaluations help the city administrations in planning better for the future. Given the comparative analysis provided by these reports, the authorities can garner insights in areas marked by a lack and also seek inspiration from other cities. This can aid in a better and quicker approach to realising potential, assuring fast-paced and sustainable progress.

Assessment conducted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs


The study, conducted by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA) evaluates different cities across the nation on an array of parameters related to the quality of life. Assessing the performance of welfare programs and their effect at the district level, ranks are assigned to different cities.

Amongst a string of judgment criteria, the most notable are economic growth and future prospects, the sustainability of development projects and resilience in addition to the citizens' opinions about the works executed by the city authorities. It is regular ratings like these that are conducive to preserving competitive spirit amongst cities that guarantees continuous growth and development.

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