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Abhinav Kumar's father called him after 10 years, thanks to his Trivago Ad

Every time when you watch television, you can see the Trivago man asking you to book hotels online in his very own style. He is just another normal guy like us who was hired by the company for their marketing advertisements. Trivago is a German multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products in the hotel, lodging, and creative search fields. As of 2012, it was one of the fastest growing companies in Germany, with profitability doubling since 2008.

The Trivago guy- Abhinav Kumar has become an internet sensation when he appeared in the first advertisement by Trivago. Not only this, Abhinav has been trending on the social media as numerous memes have been made on him. When it comes to the internet sensations list and people who became famous as their memes hit the social media all around, Abhinav counts in. Trivago has appointed Abhinav and it is the first time when this huge company has hired a non-celebrity face for advertising their products and it's their luck that this instinct has become successful and everyone knows Trivago now.

The Internet is a very strange place which has connected many people and gave many the fame. This also happened with Abhinav.

Earlier talking about the same Abhinav Kumar has said, "This was the first time the company was appointing someone who was not a model as their spokesperson. It took us two days to complete a 60-second shot." Abhinav is the brand ambassador for Trivago and he rose to fame with only Trivago but it's his father who was unknown to all this and he did not know that his son is a major topic onTV.

Abhinav Kumar, who is a country manager at Trivago and operates from Germany took to his Twitter official and told that how his father has been unaware of his popularity around the world. He wrote, "My father never knew about the work I do, he always thought I have done hotel management and working in a hotel. But this morning a local Hindi newspaper carried a story and by accident, he reads that newspaper. He called on my cell phone 1st time in last 10 year. #trivagoindia".

Here's his tweet:

Since five years, Abhinav or the Trivago guy has been joined with this company and in 2016, his first ad broadcast on TV and gave him the popularity, however, Abhinav is not interested in modeling and he is happy being the spokesperson of the brand.

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