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Padmavati in the eyes of the Senior Journalist Ved Pratap Vaidik: A Candid yet personal View

Even at its beginning of film shoot, Padmavati has always remained in the news; mostly for the controversies. Rajput clans are protesting the movie against the way Queen Padmavati has been depicted in the show. This time the senior Journalist expressed his personal views on the movie.

The Journalist said that he watched the movie in the entirety while being attentive. His all ears and eyes were to judge where is the wrong depiction of the character and did the filmmakers have distorted the historical facts. His findings were way behind which has been positioned by the protesters.

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He said that he looked for the clues whether the movie by any chance downgrades Raja Ratan Singh or disgraced the brave and beautiful queen Padmavati or else states highly about the cruel ruler Alauddin Khilji. However, Vaidik denies any such depiction.

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announcing my favourite #DoTheGhoomar entry tomorrow!!! have you shared your video yet? @Filmpadmavati

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The film shows that the kind-hearted yet brave King Ratan Singh get attracted to a Sri Lankan beauty Padmavati. The jewelry, costumes and the whole attire together with expression are awesomely attractive to add up to the glamour of this historical beauty of the Rajput queen.

The intensity of love between the queen and king Ratan Singh has been shown beautifully. Raghav Chetan who spied on their love affair was debarred from the estate instead of being sentenced. Such kind-hearted queen has been depicted furiously intent when known to the wish of Allauddin.

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The entire movie never showed a sign which gives even a tiny hint of Rani Padmavati's attraction towards Allauddin Khilji. Instead, you will feel proud after listening to the dialogues between the royal couple.

These Rajputs are Indians pride who sacrificed their life for country for fighting against the foreign invaders.

The film shows Padmawati's character as a clever and brave queen. She took her 800 soldiers faking them as her "dasi" and got her husband out of royal prison of Allauddin Khilji. The scene showcasing Brave Ratan Singh sacrificed his life in the battle against Khilji and the well known Jauhar performed by the Queen along with other queen and dasi are really mournful and saddening . However, the dancig thing which has been protested by some group that is completely internal matter of the castle.

That performance was in front of only King Ratan Singh and very personal. There is nothing obscene about the picturisation.

The protesters need to first watch the movie to te entirety and then should come to any conclusion

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