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Want To Grow Avocados Or Buy A Bonsai? These Guys Will Deliver All Kinds Of Garden Goods To You

Ten-Second Takeaway

Want to keep your home green, but have no time to pick up fauna? This online store will deliver plants, pots, fertilisers and more to make it easier for you.

Grow Everything Green Possible

Nursery Live will cater to all your plant needs, because the site boasts a variety of species of plants, plant accessories and fertilisers. Their plant collection includes aquatic plants, air-purifying plants, bonsais, flowering plants, creepers, bulbs and more.

We were especially impressed with their range of seeds. They have separate sections according to seasons, and their vegetable section has seeds for avocado, kale, cherry tomatoes, Swiss chard and more. If you're someone with a big garden, they also have grass and bamboo seeds. Their fertilisers include clay aggregates, vermicompost and organic fertiliser mix.

If you're someone who likes doing up their balcony or office desk with colourful pots and pebbles, they have you sorted. Pick from their range of hanging pots, terracotta planters, and colourful pebbles. They send each of their plants with detailed instructions about their care, and how much water and sunlight they need {isn't that sweet?}.

So, We're Saying ....

Pick up greens for your home or workspace and anything else your plants may need from Nursery Live. They have great deals going on, so keep an eye out for those while you're browsing. Shop here.


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