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    Gentlemen! 7 Most Shrewd Ways To Be Irresistible To A Woman

    Most men lose the game when it comes to sexually attract a woman as they think sexually attracting a woman relies on their appearances which is wrong. Even if a man brings flowers and chocolates to the dream girl, sorry, you miss something more. So, guys, you might be confused about what to do next or exactly. Just because it does not work you should never take steps back but move...

    • 59 min ago
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    Woman achievers of Uttar Pradesh are setting goals and sharing powerful stories with Femina Spark

    Femina, India's leading women's brand, begins a new chapter in its 61-year-old history of empowering women by introducing a novel initiative called Femina Spark. With the mission to 'Light Up Her Spirit', Femina, in the first edition of this initiative, will join hands with the Uttar Pradesh Government to bring to the spotlight...

    • 19 hrs ago
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    Branch International announces Mental Day Offs - For employees well being

    HIGHLIGHTS - Dolphin Day/Mental Day Offs - For employees well-being - Unlimited leave policy - No questions asked, no explanations required - WFH, Home Office Set Up Stipend - To give better working conditions The world has changed in many ways. And, one of the silver linings of the changes witnessed in the past is it brought people closer to each other, thus giving a...

    • 21 hrs ago
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    The Pet Grooming Industry Is Breeding Into A $358.62 Billion Market

    Vanya Chandel - Founder, Forfurs The first known instances of grooming pets came from ancient Greece. If you are not familiar with Greek mythology yet, Hades, the God of the dead and the King of the underworld, had a three-headed dog called Cerberus. Greek culture was known to popularise keeping dogs as pets. The history of pet grooming is still vague because the health and...

    • 2 days ago
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    7 Most Unbelievable Reasons To Grow Succulents In Your Home Garden

    When you have an idea to start gardening or planning to grow plants, you might choose selective plants to grow at your home and garden. You might even revise all the best plants to grow at your home, right? Well, here comes succulents which would be growing best if you start to water them. While these succulents are beautiful and captivating by its stylish look, it is also easy...

    • 3 days ago
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    8 Most Fulfilling Sunday Habits For A Rewarding Week Ahead

    Sundays are the fuel for your upcoming new weeks. Sundays would literally bring the sparkle in you even before the dawn. Of course, people would never wish to move and would love to spend the entire day on their bed or binge-watching Netflix or some would love playing games. Whatever, Sundays are people's day which is filled with entertainment and merriment and no more official...

    • 4 days ago
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    4 Most Wonderful Countries Where People Live The Longest

    Expats could travel to these places as they provide better life experiences! Living the longest is possible here! None would say 'NO' to living longer as it is a dream to many of the people. Even some wish to have an immortal life but it is not possible, right? And that is why they wish to live a long life which would be at least possible by adapting certain healthy...

    • 7 days ago
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    Chennai - Talking Spaces a design show curated by Varsha Menon at Forum Art Gallery on February 26th & 27th at 10.30 AM

    Talking Spaces is a design show which resourcefully seeks to integrate the raw honesty of art with the receptivity of design. The show is organised by Varsha Menon, Principal Architect and Designer of VM Design Works. The art show will showcase the works of 14 artists and 14 designers from Chennai - a result of careful...

    • a week ago
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    'Right To Health': Famous Ayurvedic Guru Unveils Signature Campaign

    Guru Manish Ji Says' Right To Health' Possible Only Via Ayurveda, Unveils Unique Online Petition To Make Ayurveda The First Line Of Treatment Guru Manish Ji Starts Online Signature Campaign For 'Right To Health', Says It's Time GOI Shuns Step Motherly Attitude Towards Ayurveda Guru Manish Ji, "The Right To Health online petition aims to achieve...

    • a week ago
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    6 Most Creative Ways To Decorate Your Office Work Desk

    Your working table or desk becomes your best buddy after all these times you have been spending most of your time on it. Your work desk knows you much better than your colleagues or no surprise than yourself. You might be working from home or at the office in a tiny space but why not embellish it attractively and so you could stare at it all day? Well, you are spending the majority of the...

    • a week ago