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11 Reasons Why Avocado Is Great For Weight Loss

When it comes to the list of fruits that are completely packed with vitamins and minerals, avocado is on the top of the list. The unique flavor of avocado is one of the reasons why this fruit is becoming one of the most favorite fruit in the world. Avocado is good for children during development time, good for adult and even great for people who have reached senior age.

There are a lot of reasons why avocado is considered as super fruit. It is because avocado could be made into delicious juice or smoothies; it will make a great fruit salad and also could be mixed into healthy bake. Not only that, you don't even need to actually eat avocado to get all the health benefits of avocado. You could make face mask from avocado and skin scrubs for healthy and glowing skin. Though avocado is one of those fruits that are rich in calories but if you consume it in the right way, you could also enjoy the health benefits of avocado for weight loss.

Most people in weight loss program tend to avoid avocado due to its calories intake. Well, as mentioned above avocado is not entirely consisting of calories and carbohydrate but also packed with essential nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. As long as you know how to consume it properly, avocado could be a great solution to your weight loss.

* Calories As Source of Energy

No matter how calories may cause weight gain but it is an excellent source of energy. Without calories you will lose energy you need to do activities. It means you could stop consumption of calories from other sources but from avocado only, besides this fruit is packed with essential vitamins and minerals that are beneficial for human metabolism.

* Sources of Healthy Fat

Most of foods that are rich of calories are also source of unhealthy fat. Avocado is the exception, though it is rich of calories but it contains healthy fat that instead of gaining weight, that fat is good for your metabolism but you still could maintain your weight.

* Helps Controlling Appetite

The fiber content found in avocado is quite high and it is enough to help you controlling your appetite. Those who have weight problem must know that the hardest part of diet is when they should control their appetite. Fiber in avocado will make you full faster and longer, to suppress your intention of snacking.

* Excellent Source of Fiber

There are a lot of health benefits of fiber and one of them is as mentioned in the previous point. Fiber in avocado is also great for digestion so nutrient will be absorbed optimally, furthermore fiber in avocado could help binding unnecessary properties in the intestine to improve body metabolism.

* Contains Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidants are essential key to weight loss. Most people thought that antioxidants are beneficial to fight chronic disease like cancer or diabetes only. The fact is fruits rich of antioxidants are excellent weight loss solution as well.

* Source of Vitamin K

Vitamin K has essential role in making sure optimal absorption of calcium. It means, vitamin K is also great for bones. Healthy and ideal body weight is nothing if it is not supported with healthy and strong bones.

* Promotes Better Digestion

Avocado could act as mild laxative that may help in improving the bowel movement. It means it could promotes better digestion so nutrients will be absorbed optimally while fiber will bind the unnecessary properties to be washed off from intestine to optimize body metabolism. Healthy metabolism is actually the key to ideal weight.

* Avocado Is An Excellent Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and avocado is making a perfect breakfast because it contains enough calories to be burnt into energy, packed with some essential vitamins and minerals that great for body metabolism.

* Helps Maintaining Body Weight

Avocado is not only great for those who are currently in weight loss diet program but also great for those who are currently in maintaining body weight stage. Most people admit that it is easier to lose weight but it is harder to maintain in to be in ideal stage. Avocado may help you solving this problem.

* Stabilizes Blood Sugar Level

Those who have been diagnosed with certain types of diabetes must have realized how difficult in managing their diet is. Well, stabilizing blood sugar level is not an easy job, especially those who have type 2 diabetes. Avocado contains organic compound that could help stabilizing the blood sugar level while at the same time assisting in losing some weight.

* Optimizes Body Metabolism

The key to ideal weight is healthy metabolism. As mentioned above, avocado contains fiber, vitamins and minerals that are great for body metabolism.

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