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5 Fashion Tips For Girls With Dusky Skin

If you have a dusky complexion then you don't need to ashamed of it as it is the new definition of beauty and people with warm skin tone can easily pull off the sassy look. All you need is some styling and beauty tips according to your complexion. So, in this article, we have shared some style tips for people with dusky skin which can make them look fab.

* Color Close To Skin Tone

According to the style experts, people with a dusky skin tone should choose the outfits with the color which is closer to their skin tone. Plum, dark green and brown are the colors that suit best on the dusky skin. And if you closely follow your favourite celebrities style, you will notice that they always go for the colors which are closer to their skin tone.

* Avoid wearing bright colors

If you have a dark skin tone, then it is suggested that you should avoid bright colors as it makes you look bad. For instance, orange, yellow and turquoise are the color shades that can make you look pale and dull. So, while choosing the dark colors try to avoid extremely bright colors.

* Choose stripes wisely

People say that stripes don't look too classy on people with warm skin tone. Well, this is not true. You can opt for casuals with stripes on the dark colors as they look brighter than stripes on the light color.

* Move in style with camouflage

There are many celebs who have tried camouflage attire.And the best part is that this attire suits best on the people with a dusky skin and they look hotter in this attire other than the normal one.

* Cream is the color that can brighten your skin tone

The cream is that one color that can brighten the skin tone of dusky people. There are many celebrities who looked fab in this color of attire. In the above pic, Deepika Padukone is wearing a cream saree which is looking beautiful on her. So, if you also have a dusky skin then you need to add outfits of this shade to your wardrobe.

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