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5 Health Benefits Of Camphor You Will Not Believe

If you regularly suffer from a cough, a stuffy nose, warts and insect bites, and you've never heard of camphor, it's certainly time you got to know this useful material. Camphor is an organic compound produced from an Asian tree of the same name, and can be found in health and nature stores and is sold as an oil or solid wax-like tablets.

We Indians are well accustomed to the usage of camphor or karpur. From spiritual places to bedrooms camphor has various benefits in eliminating the impurities. No matter it is used to purify the heart and soul or the odour control, when karpur burns, it works amazingly. But that is not it, camphor can be great for your health too. It has amazing health, hair and skin benefits. After knowing the benefits, you may start using them more. Hence, have a look at the following and know about its benefits in our lives.

# A great source of Antioxidants

Camphor or karpur has various antioxidant properties which help in reducing the process of oxidation in the body. Hence, by doing this, it helps in killing those free radicals which are responsible for various health issues. These issues are tissue ruptures, liver diseases and cardiovascular troubles.

# A great antiseptic property

Camphor seeds have great antiseptic properties. To use them, you have to make a paste of camphor seeds altogether and have to apply that to those minor cuts and scrapes. This will help your wounds to repair fast and keep them away from septic problems. Moreover, camphor can soothe and cool down the infection and pain.

# Keeps gastric problem at bay

Gastric problems are quite annoying. It accompanies with bloating, farting and acidities. But camphor can ease the gastric problems inside your body. So, the next time, when you have gastric issues, keep a camphor or karpur next to you. It helps in reducing the formation of gas.

# A great decongestant

The power of camphor fragrance can be a good decongestant. It tears the congestive nasal passage easily and helps you to take breath easily. Even many nose decongestants contain camphor and peppermint oil. It can instantly alleviate congestion of the nasal tracts and lungs.

# Reduces Diarrhea

Surprisingly, camphor can reduce the Diarrhea. As we have already mentioned camphor can reduce the gas formation, it can easily prevent Diarrhea too. Intaking camphor fragrance can help your body to reduce the formation of gas.

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