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6 Health Benefits Of Mulethi

Mulethi (liquorice) is a flowering plant native to the southern Europe and western Asia. Its root is mainly used for medicinal purposes. From ancient time, the plant is used majorly as a flavouring agent, confectionery agent and to treat various ailments.

Licorice root contains the compound glycyrrhizin and eating too much of glycyrrhizin can cause adverse effects such as hypertension.

The root extract of mulethi is a boon for the skin. The roots are rich in phytochemical constituents that have anti- viral, anti - inflammatory and anti- bacterial properties.

# The extract can be used to treat acne and eczema. Also it can also lighten and brighten your skin, as it is rich in oxidants.

# According to some studies, mulethi's root extract can help fight bacteria that infect the skin like Staphylococcus aureus that causes skin infections like cellulitis, impetigo etc.

# The extract helps in reducing hyperpigmentation. It occurs when skin is exposed to some free radicals in the body, the cells that generate melanin gets damaged and produces more than normal amounts of melanin in some areas.

Licorice root extract fights the free radicals by inhibiting their production and preventing excess melanin from being produced.

# Mulethi roots are rich in glycyrrhizin which is a potent antioxidant. These antioxidants help in preventing premature ageing through protecting the skin from harmful UV rays and free radicals.

# Glabridin and Liquitin present in mulethi roots have skin lightening properties. Liquitin disintegrate and breakdown excess melanin while Glabridin prevents the production of enzyme Tyrosinase which is responsible for skin darkening.

# Licochalcone A is an active ingredient present in the roots of mulethi. It strengthens the defense mechanism of skin by increasing anti - oxidant production.

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