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From Heart Health To Supporting Mental Clarity, Here Are Some Amazing Health Benefits Of Pomegranate Juice

From heart health to supporting mental clarity - the potential health benefits of Biotta Pomegranate Juice sure are impressive! Here I run through 6 surprising health benefits of this vibrant juice, as supported by research.

* Improves digestive health

Pomegranate juice is well known for its antioxidant potential but research suggests it may also be anti-inflammatory in action. Nowadays sub-clinical or low-grade inflammation is thought to be playing a part in a number of common conditions, including those affecting the gut such as IBS.

A large scale review encompassing various other studies looking at all different pomegranate preparations, including juice, discovered that this fruit in its various forms was able to exert significant anti-inflammatory activity in the gut.

* Helpful for joints

Anti-inflammatory remedies are also commonly relied on to help manage muscle and joint pain. However, the long-term use of conventional anti-inflammatories has gradually become associated with more and more side effects and understandably, people are increasingly looking for more natural alternatives.

Preliminary in-vitro trials, (this means human cells were used in a laboratory setting) gave us some promising results when it comes to pomegranate.

* Supports blood pressure

It's no secret that eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables is an important part of managing blood pressure naturally, however, is it possible that certain fruits or vegetables could be more beneficial than others? We already know that beetroot is top pick for managing blood pressure, but actually pomegranate could be up there for too!

* Managing high cholesterol

Whilst the research around blood pressure and VCAM-1 are exciting enough, there may be even more research to take note of when it comes to the potential heart-health benefits of pomegranate juice.

Cholesterol management is a big stumbling block nowadays too; for many of us, we know we need to take action, but aren't quite sure where to start! From a naturopathic standpoint, wherever possible, we know it's a much better approach to start managing this naturally through changes to diet and lifestyle rather than solely relying on medications with a long list of potential side effects.

* Boosts brain function

We're gradually learning more about the potential role antioxidants could have in protecting our brain function and minimising memory loss as we age. So what role could pomegranate play?

In a randomized control trial putting this very idea to the test, drinking pomegranate juice for just four weeks showed positive results for helping to significantly improve scores in memory tests and cognitive tasks - definitely some great potential for the future in the elderly then!

* Enhances exercise performance

When it comes to potential cardiovascular benefits, beetroot and pomegranate seem to have quite a bit in common and it seems that this could all be down to their shared nitrate content. This vital ingredient may have an important part to play when it comes to supporting healthy blood pressure and brain functions, but interestingly, exercise endurance may also be an important area to consider.

When pomegranate extracts are taken 30 minutes prior to exercise, both blood flow and time to exhaustion are improved. As nitrate-rich pomegranate juice helps to gently dilate our blood vessels. This means your nutrient and oxygen-rich blood can get to where it needs to be quicker, and the benefits quickly become apparent.

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