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Health Benefits Of Consuming Mustard Oil To Get Rid Of Many Diseases

Mustard oil is very beneficial in curing many diseases of our body. During one study, the researchers found that most of the patients who had a heart attack were those who used green leaves, vegetables and mustard oil in very small amounts. Research also showed that mustard oil is more effective in preventing diseases than sunflower or other oils. Come, see the medicinal properties of mustard oil-

# If any part of the body burns, immediately apply mustard oil on the burnt place, it will not blister. #If you are troubled by constipation or gas related problems, then massage mustard oil on the stomach daily.

# If you have pain or pain in the ear, then add two to three drops of lukewarm mustard oil, you will get relief.

# If you have body pain, massage 10 grams of camphor in 100 grams mustard oil and relieve pain by feeling a new feeling.

#If the children cough or develop mucus, mix a little rock salt in mustard oil and massage it regularly for a few days.

#Mustard oil massage is very useful to relieve fatigue, it also helps in deep sleep.

# If you are disturbed by mosquitoes at night, then massage with mustard oil and sleep, mosquitoes will not burst near.

# If headaches persist, add 4-5 drops of mustard oil daily to the nose, doing this regularly gives relief in a few days.

#If your lips crack frequently, apply two-three drops mustard oil on the navel at bedtime, lips will stop bursting.

# If the seeds crack in the feet, apply mustard oil and apply turmeric powder on top. The wives will stop bursting in a few days.

#Heat mustard oil and add garlic to it and put it in the ear, it provides relief in ear pain.
#It is common for some people to have pain or swelling in the hands and toes during the winter season. In this case, mix a little rock salt in mustard oil on the hands and toes and massage it.

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