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Health Benefits Of Performing Bhastrika Pranayama

While asana purifies the body and dhyana works on the soul, prana works towards the mind. The mind is a potent being and works on multiple levels to create our true form. In order to achieve the best in our lives, the science of yoga urges its practitioners to not just focus on the postures, but also incorporate the breathwork exercises that go a long way. There are five vayus in the body that dictate our movement, thought, words, and emotions, namely; Apana Vayu, Udana Vayu, Samana Vayu, Prana Vayu, and Vyana Vayu. All of these have different functions to perform and are the lords of different regions. Managing all of the Prana in an effective manner, Pranayama comes to our rescue because most of the times these five vayus are not in cohesion thereby creating diseases and illness.

Bhastrika Pranayama or the Bellow's breath is a combination of Kapalbhati or Skull Cleansing Exercise and Ujjayi or Physic Breathing. A powerful exhalation and inhalation of these two create heat in the body by way of intense breathing. There are many health benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama and some of which have far-reaching effects. Take a look at the health benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama below:

# Mental Peace

Stress and worries engulf us in the current competitive world and this is the reason why more and more people are reaching out to the ancient yet successful means of calming the mind. Meditation and Pranayama are tried and tested fields in the fraternity of yoga which creates a long-term positive effects on the mind. For instance, it has been scientifically proven that those who practice pranayama on a regular basis have higher energy levels and a more positive mindset. One of the health benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama is that it creates tranquility in the mind of the practitioner and some also believe that it leads to Kundalini Awakening.

# Activates the glands

One of the major health benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama is the active inhalation and exhalation, which works beneficially on the internal organs and glands. When we fill the lungs with air rapidly, a sense of pressure is created in the diaphragm and lung cavity. The organs have to maintain a stable state and a balance. In the presence of this situation, a reaction force is established in the organs, glands, and heart. This leads to activation of all the glands and a healthy amount of hormonal secretion takes place. Hormones are balanced and any diseases generated from hormonal imbalance are slowly cured.

# Detoxification of the body

Our body is a complicated machinery and often carries baggage and impurities from the past. There is a constant need for detoxification and our body is designed to carry out this task efficiently, but most of the times, we need to carry out certain methods on our own to help the body cleanse in a more profound manner. The heating act of the pranayama aggravates the digestive fire and helps alleviate constipation which is the main cause of several diseases. It helps send more oxygenated blood through the veins and removes hidden impurities. Also, the subtle energy channel of the body, Nadis are cleansed under the health benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama.

# Helps cure many diseases

Continuing the aforementioned point, not just diseases, but there are many other things which are cured with the help of Bellow's Breath. Body fat is also burnt due to the heating motion of the breath; especially excess fat on the torso is tackled by using this pranayama. Excess wind, bile, and phlegm created due to an unhealthy lifestyle are also eliminated which is yet another cause of the ailments. Chainsmokers, people suffering from asthma, sinus, or other nose-related problems are advised to practice it due to the long range of health benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama.

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