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7 minimalistic outfits For Men to carry the linen avatar

20 Oct 2022.09:47 AM

A common phenomenon whilst dealing with rising temperature and leaving the athleisure behind to dress appropriately, our penchant to sway in the favour of something light and breathable works best. The urge to wear something lighter and breathable is not only comfortable, but effortless. Looking for cool, calm and minimalistic outfits? Linen wear becomes your go-to wardrobe.


Given linen’s texture, absorbency, breathability and accessibility, you should definitely give it a shot. Here are 7 ways men can carry the linen avatar in comfort and style: .


Linen shirt with formal trousers: .A good solid shirt believes to represents the true personality of its wearer with .a formal looking trousers .. Using a solid .colour . linen-blend shirt creates a simple silhouette with white or beige .colour . trousers.

This pairing brings out the right amount of cool quotient to your wardrobe with this super classy look.

Versatility of linen-blend trousers: Linen is truly an essential in every guy’s wardrobe to experience luxurious comfort. Having a linen pair of trousers that is versatile as well as contemporary is a blessing in disguise! Pairing up a dark-coloured linen-blend with a solid white t-shirt creates a perfect set for a night look.

Solid colours are the new normal: Embracing these subtle yet classic appeal is a pattern to dabble into. There’s a lot of variety within the solid colours genre for a subtle and striking look – iron grey, winery, vintage indigo, and more. The best way to style it is to ensure a nice and low-key outfit. This will allow the shirt to become the main event, drawing the eye in rather than fighting with anything else for attention.

Pairing up with a closed-collar shirt: Keeping up with the iconic looks seem difficult. However, dressing up with a comfortable and simplistic closed-collar short along with a pair of chinos adds a rugged look to the smart-casual space. Lean in to the wrinkles, and you'll look and feel more stylish than ever.

Casual coupling with jeans: Dressing up in jeans provides a casual yet sturdy look. Quintessentially, having dark, slim and simple jeans intact with a linen-blend shirt gives out a rough and ready workwear look - elevating your style to another level with minimalist design features.

Chic layering is a must: Bold enough to make a statement? Layer up your linen outfit with a blazer or a jacket. To get versatility and create a more festive essential, it’s imperative to nail the fit with a contemporary touch. A minimalistic layer will work as a perfect addition to complete a dapper outfit - working your way up to a textured fabrics encouraging sartorial creativity and expression.

Shorts are the new sexy: Without a pair of linen shorts, your closet cannot possibly be considered complete. It almost checks all the boxes and satisfies the demands of men feeling airy, adaptable, and comfortable. Created using cotton stretch fabric, these shorts are smart yet comfortable. These shorts are perfect for the man on the go, bouncing between social engagements and home on the weekend.

A go-to fabric for an experience of comfort and luxury, give linen a short and make this earth’s favourite yours too!

Inputs from- Ashish Baheti, Co-Founder at Beyours



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