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    Simple Ways To Enhance Your Lifestyle.

    12 Changing your lifestyle can be a bit tricky. Changing everything is not really possible, but you can do small changes in your life. Start with small changes and you will see a great change in you after some time. Here are some changes that will enhance your lifestyle and allow to lead a better life. 1.Exercise Start exercising for about 40 -45 minutes daily. Start with cardio and then slowly shift...

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    Pakora With Chai, The Perfect Combo That You Need For This Monsoon

    11 Monsoon has arrived and all that we want is pakora with chai. This is one of the best combinations that we look for. We are really not concern whether the pakora is made up potato or onion or of cabbage , chilies. On the other hand, the foreigners have their rituals with cakes and butter but we Indians prefer chai and pakora. Whether the pakora is is a homemade or store...

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    Here Are Some Bollywood Actresses Without Makeup That Will Surprise You

    27 When we look at the Bollywood actresses we find them glamorous, hot, stylish and bold. But many fewer people know that how much makeup they have used in to make them glow. Here we bring some of the Bollywood actresses without makeup. 1.Alia Bhatt The 25-year-old actress started her career from the movie Student of the year and is known for giving blockbuster hits on...

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    Ever Wonder That What Do Moles On Your Body Mean ?

    26 Every human being on this planet is born with moles on his/her body. Astrologers came up with a theory that something is connected with each and every mole. A lot is dependent on the size, shape, and location of moles. Here we bring some tips on what do moles on your body mean. 1.Cheek Moles on right cheek indicate that the person will get rich after the marriage. However he will love...

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    Britney Spears Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction, Showing Nipple On The Stage

    43 Britney Spears as we all know is a superstar of this time. Born on December 2, 1981, she is a wonderful mom, a great dancer, and a singer as we all know. But this time she has gone through a lot and now Britney Spears suffers wardrobe malfunction and faces embarrassment. The 36-year-old singer was performing recently on the song Do Something and this embarrassing...

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    Here Are Some Of The Celebrities Who Died At A Young Age And Left This World

    15 When we look at the life of Bollywood celebs we find their life very interesting. But unfortunately, some of us left us at an early age. Here is a list of Bollywood celebrities who died at a young age. 1.Jiah Khan You have seen her in the superhit movie ie. Housefull. She was found hanging on a ceiling fan in her apartment in Mumbai back in the year 2013. Sooraj...

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    Anna Renderer : A Fitness Enthusiast Who Is Inspiring Thousands.

    30 Every one of us wants to be fit healthy and full of enthusiasm all the time. But the fact is all of also go through some situations in our life in which we are unable to cop up with health and positivity. In this hard time, we all are unable to think what to do and want not. Anna Renderer, a personal fitness trainer and a personality developer from America is teaching people...

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    Priyanka Chopra Power Suit Is The Brightest Formal Wear You Will Ever See

    21 Priyanka Chopra is recently spotted in New York attending an event. The actress looked gorgeous in that outfit. Whatever she wears, it goes viral. The Quantico star Priyanka Chopra is one of the most searched celebs by the teenagers these days. The Quantico star Priyanka Chopra can pull off a shiny and colourful look and take that to another level.

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    Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Ants And Keeps Ant Out

    19 Do you know that the weight of ants in the world is equal to the weight of human beings in the world? However, when they are lined up across your kitchen counter, they aren't so cute. Is there anything more annoying than waking up in the morning, wandering into the bathroom or kitchen and finding a trail of ants? Don't worry we will tell you how to get rid of ants. 1.Salt Sprinkle...

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    Finally The Bermuda Triangle Mystery Solved. Here, Find Out The Reason Behind All accidents.

    100 There are many mysterious places in the world. Some of them are really mysterious and full of suspense while some of them are manmade proclamations. Bermuda triangle is one of such places which is attracting the whole world from over a century. It is a place where countless ships sank and numerous planes crashed and mystically no one ever get to...