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Exclusive! Rohit Gupta: I Don't Work For Money, I Work For My Passion

Rohit Gupta is the new legend in the mimicry world. This guy's fan following is increasing like the flame in the woods. His father is a CA and a leading Industrialist of Bombay. But still, Rohit chooses acting and ran after his passion instead of money. He gained success in such a short span of time. Today he drives a Porsche and having a lavish lifestyle. Lovekarmapassion exclusively talked to Rohit. Here is a peek into the conversation with the upcoming comedy actor of Bollywood.

You are having a huge fan following but still, your fans don't know much about you. What do you want to say on that?

Every second there is a new video on the internet and a lot of people watch my videos. But I wouldn't call all of them my fan. My fans are those who regularly keep messaging me. A true fan is the one who likes my video even when it's not that funny. A lot of people try to know things about me like- what car I drive, where I stay, what I wear, how I do this, how I do that? Well, I have done bachelors in business administration and now I am a chemical manufacturer by profession. Though, I handle altogether different lines. So I try to blend both my passion and profession at the same time.

Did anyone oppose you in your family or friends when you chose your passion as your career and as an entertainer?

As a kid, I used to listen to Jhonny Lever and I try to learn acting in Sindhi, Marathi and other different accents. So my family was the first one to know about my passion. I used to mimic Shah Rukh Khan. So people didn't know me as Rohit but they used to call me Shah Rukh in my college. My dad is a CA and an industrialist but he is a very supportive person. When he sees that a lot of people are following me he feels very proud. My mom and my sister are also very happy about it. So my family members are very supportive and so as my friends. I don't see anyone opposing me.

Today there are hundreds of thousands of people are following you. So how is your life now?

A day before yesterday I was at a party. Arjun Rampal was over there and the people were clicking pictures with him and people clicking the pictures with me. So my life is totally changed now. I met this guy who came to see me and waited outside my hotel for two hours. He just wanted me to talk to his girlfriend as Sanjay Dutt. This the best feeling in the world no matter how much money you earn. Now I want to take this thing to a whole another level. I am a party lover but having bhelpuri on a stall and then someone comes to you, to click a picture that is something.

Your prank calls are getting all over the Internet, So how did you get this idea?

Around in 2013, I was seeing the shooting scene of Akshay Kumar. Somehow I like the energy of Akshay Kumar. So I did my first prank call as Akshay Kumar that didn't go well. Then I called one of my friend who told me that she is registered on a matrimonial site. I called her as a Maharashtrian guy who wants to marry her and she said she wants to marry a Sindhi. So immediately I disconnected the call and called her as a Sindhi guy. In 2016 one of my friends really convinced me to do as my last video prank call because I was about to quit. In the video, I spoke as an Arab father in search of a Gujarati son-in-law and I shared that on my Facebook and I got more than 700 shares from my personal account. Then I decided to make a page and after few days I was getting calls from India and Pakistan. At that time I was interviewed by a Pakistani newspaper The Nation.

Who is your competitor?

I don't have this competition thing in my mind. I want to do my best and give my best. Every time when I make a video I compete with myself.

Any T.V. or comedy show?

I keep getting offers but I want to do something different. I don't want to do what a lot of people are doing today. I didn't want to be a mimicry artist; I always wanted to be a comedy actor. I want to do something that is substantial. I want to do something like Breaking bad and want to work with Nana Patekar.

What is your favorite pastime?

My favorite pastime is driving. Even when I don't have my friends with me I go to drive with my driver. And during the drive, I get my ideas.

What are your future plans?

(In Sanjay Dutt's Voice) When I get up I don't know what I am going to do today. When I go to bed I don't even recall that where I did I spent my day. I don't want to bound myself to anything. I want to live life freely and I am living it the way I want. Wherever I will get a good Opportunity I will go. I don't work just for the sake of money.

Well, Lovekarmapassion wishes best of luck to versatile actor and mimicry artist Rohit Gupta who is filled with a lot of enthusiasm and very passionate about career perspective.

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