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Anorectal Issues - How Can Ayurveda Help?

Anorectal conditions can affect people at any point of their life. Piles and anal fissure are two of the most common ano diseases. If you suffer from either of these disorders, the following are the known symptoms that you may be experiencing. Symptoms of Piles Formation of a hard and painful lump near the anus. Some of these piles may have coagulated blood as well. Feeling full even after bowel movement Extreme pain during bowel movement Blood during stool Red and itchy anal region Faecal incontinence Infection How does Ayurveda treat Piles Ayurveda does not follow a generalized treatment procedure. Instead, the treatment varies according to the dosha of the person affected. There are three doshas, namely, Pitta, Kapha and Vata. Ayurveda believes that the symptoms of a disease differ based on the different doshas that people belong to. Bhaishajya chikitsa- An Ayurvedic practitioner will prescribe specific natural remedies and medications based on your doshas to treat piles.

Kshara- Herbal remedies may be directly applied at the lump. These herbs cauterize the lump and promote regeneration. Sastra chikitsa- A procedure known as kshar sutra may be recommended. In it, a thread laced with herbal paste is tied to the piles.

This thread is replaced after each week, till the condition subsides. Agnikarma- Piles that form on the external skin may be cauterized using heat. Symptoms of Anal fissure A tear around the anus A small skin tissue next to the tear formation Sharp pain during bowel movement Blood in stools. Burning and itching How Ayurveda treats anal fissure Ayurvedic medication to ease constipation may be prescribed, so that stools are softened.

Panchakarma treatment is also effective in most cases. Herbal oils and baths are used to cleanse the body of the toxins and reduce the fissure. Increasing the natural fibre derived from foods, will also help reduce constipation and manage anal fissure. For any Ayurvedic remedy to work as advertised, you need to follow the practitioners advise and recommendations.
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