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Understanding Emotional Abuse on Children in Detail!

Emotional abuse is a lesser known topic that is very important to talk about. Most individuals are oblivious to the fact that such a term even exists. This article is mainly about educating people about what emotional abuse is, how it affects children, thereby, affecting the upcoming generation altogether. Like physical abuse, emotional abuse too is very real and harmful enough to cause enormous damage to a child s mental health. So what exactly is emotional abuse? Any sort of persistent, emotional neglect or emotional maltreatment can become emotional abuse to children and may cause havoc in their emotional development. The world runs at a very fast pace and parents usually are caught up in earning well for the family, raising the children properly and transforming them into respectable adults. This entire process brings about enormous stress and frustration. As such, unknowingly or knowingly, these parents end up emotionally abusing their children. No, that is not the end of it.

It is not only the parents who can cause emotional abuse, but also there are numerous other factors to be considered. So to make the explanation process easier, here are some points that explain what emotional or psychological abuse includes. Scaring or humiliating a child deliberately and regularly Isolating or ignoring a child Telling a child that he/she is worthless, inadequate or unloved Not providing the children any opportunity to express him/her by deliberately silencing them or making fun of their expression Age inappropriate or developmentally inappropriate expectations from children. For example, making a child believe that topping the class is necessary and is a shame otherwise.

Overprotecting the child and hindering their exploration and learning Preventing them from participating in an absolutely normal social interaction. For example, asking girls not to mix with boys and punishing them for doing so. A child seeing or hearing utter ill-treatment of another child or person Serious bullying by other children and cyber bullying Threatening a child and calling names Making a child perform any sort of act that might be degrading Exposing a child to distressing interactions like domestic abuse or drug abuse. Not expressing positive or congratulatory feelings to the child Not showing any sort of emotional attachment or interactions with the child Causing physical abuse to the child. Trying too hard to control the child s life and not allowing him/her to recognize their individuality. Yes, there is no such thing as good parenting or bad parenting. However, parents need to know how much any sort of emotional abuse may affect the future development of their child.
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