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16 Apr 2021.01:38 AM


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Indrashish Chatterjee: Living the IT dream on his own terms

A high profile job in the IT sector is perhaps every middle class Indian’s dream. Your salary and credibility scale at a rapid pace, allowing you to climb the social ladder. Now what if I told you, IT is not everyone’s dream? Allow me to introduce you to Indrashish Chatterjee. Who at the age of 25 started his own venture after quitting a high profile IT career.

It’s not everyday that individuals leave their comfort zone and venture out in search of new horizons. He faced several challenges being a first generation entrepreneur. It goes without saying that even in today’s day and age, entrepreneurs are looked down upon. Sadly enough, it’s family first who usually has that outlook. Despite the various challenges of this doggy dog world, he managed to establish his own IT firm from scratch.

Bariza Software Solutions emerged as a leading IT firm in town. In the year 2015 his start-up was selected as one of the top 10 leading startups from eastern zone. Moments like these are what make the hardships and struggles of entrepreneurship worthwhile. Presently Bariza serves business at a global platform. Indrashish’s dream did not stop there as his company now has a physical presence on three continents. India, USA and Australia.

Bariza’s USP is to provide high quality online services to small and medium scale businesses at the most affordable rates. Their services include a 360 degree holistic approach to digital growth and online presence that comes at an unbelievable price range. In our modernising world, the need for digital tools and guidance is rapidly increasing and companies like Bariza are filling the void and empowering people.

The saying charity begins at home is one of Indrashihs’s core values. In the year 2016, he founded Indian Women and Youth Skills Foundation. The foundation currently takes care of the education needs of nearly 200 kids below poverty level. They also work with women and Youth empowerment projects. During the lockdown, IWYSF has dedicated its resources towards supporting families affected by the pandemic.

Having successfully started with his own business, Indrashish understands the genuine need for angel investors. Finding trustworthy investors has become a monumental task for budding entrepreneurs. To ease the burden of this ecosystem, he works as an angel investor and mentor to various startups. Nurturing them and guiding them towards fruition. He is also an avid lecturer in E-cells of leading colleges across the country as well as a motivational speaker in our very own city of joy. Mr. Chatterjee is currently a well known name as a youth leader who is contributing in the field of entrepreneurship from Kolkata.

Even with the ongoing pandemic, he strives to uplift those around him and assists those in need. Unprecedented times are hard fought but with people such as him active within the ecosystem, there is a higher chance for everyone to come out on top of this situation.
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