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Surat: Jain sadhvis to be trained in self defense to thwart attacks on them

MeraNews Network, Surat: In a first, female seers or 'sadhvis' of Jain religion are being given training in self-defense to thwart any attempt at harassment or molestation on them. This move by the Jain community comes in the wake of an alleged molestation bid by a thief who had entered a Jain monastery in Nanpura, Surat.

The Jains, who are known for their preaching of non-violence and its monks don't even wear footwear so as not to crush any insects or ants while they walk on the ground. But Jain seers worried about the safety of the female monks have now decided to teach them self-defense. A monastery in Gopipura, Surat has already begun teaching their female seers how to use a stick in form of self-defense.

Female self-defense trainers have been brought on board by the monastery to teach its female saints how to thwart off any possible attack on them using a stick.


While our ministers claim Gujarat to be a safe state, where women can roam freely on the streets without fear even after midnight, this minority community, who claim to be now threatened, have taken up the mantle in their own hands it seems to protect themselves.

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