Thursday, 22 Mar, 3.19 am Mera News English

Vadodara government school students made to clean school premises

Chintan Shripali, Vadodara: Students of a government-run school in Bill village of Vadodara were recently spotted carrying garbage collected from their school to a place near the school premises. When inquired, it was revealed that the the school authorities were making the students of the school to clean the school premises every day before the classes began.

This correspondent spotted young kids carrying a bin full of garbage to a place full of shrubbery, about 800 metres away from the school in the morning. Upon inquiring, the kids informed that it was their turn to clean the school today and to take out the garbage. They informed that it was their principal Bhavini Patel who had given them the task and everyday one group of student is assigned to clean the school and take the garbage out before the classes began.

When the principal Bhavini Patel was contacted, she denied having given out any such tasks to the students and claimed ignorance of this issue. She said she'd be having a teachers meeting today and give them strict warning on not make students work in school instead of attending classes.

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