Wednesday, 14 Mar, 12.06 pm

South Gujarat
Surat: Teacher gives new life to five people

This is why donating organs are important, five persons got new lease of life after a retired teacher's organs were donated to them.

As per the details reports, Rekha Desai, a retired English teacher from Jeevan Bharti School of the city, fell unconscious on March 10. Later she was taken to the hospital, where her brain clot and haemorrhage was diagnosed. But however, the residence of Shankheswar Complex couldn't be saved and died on March 12.

Meanwhile, her son Kandarp Desai (37) and daughter-in-law Sneha Desai, both software engineers in the US, gave consent after her death for organ donation. They said, "If our beloved mother's organs can give life to someone, we would go for it."

A team of doctors from Ahmedabad's Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Centre (IKDRC) arrived in the city to accept the donation of her kidneys and liver. Two of her kidneys were transplanted into bodies of 64-year-old Madan Gopal Garg from Patiala and 63-year-old Gulam Bashir Shekih of Valsad.

Her liver was transplanted in the body of 42-year old Jignesh Shah of Ahmedabad. Two of her eyes were accepted by Dr Prafful Shiroya of Lokdrashti Chakshu Bank. Donate Life, a non-governmental organization, working for organ donation in Surat facilitated the whole process

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