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Love Sex Education? There's a lot of PF Gyan you can take from it!

Sex Education | Coming on September 17 | The third season of Sex Education, a British comedy-drama television series about an insecure teenager Otis and his mother, a sex therapist, is coming in September. (Image: Screenshot/Netflix)

Tomorrow, the gates of Moordale Secondary school will reopen and Maeve, Otis, Eric, Adam, and Aimee will go back to figuring out their dilemmas about their personal life, feelings, love, and issues about intimacy and sex, with the third season of the popular series Sex Education dropping on Netflix tomorrow!

Binge-watching the last two seasons, though, it seemed more than just about the awkwardness and confusion that follows love and intimacy. Turns out, Maeve with her sardonic intelligence, Otis with his sage sweetness, and Eric with his colorful flamboyance have a lot of lessons about money management you can imbibe!

So, before you get on with your Sex-Ed spree, take a look at the personal finance lessons each character has to offer. Or, heed to Maeve when she says, "Get your good shirts on boys. It's party time!"

Pessimists outlive Optimists, so be prepared for the unexpected!

From turning the idea of dreams into existential angst to making complex female characters her " thing ", Maeve is your not-so next door girl! Intelligent, witty, strong, and fierce, Maeve certainly knows a thing or two about uncertainties, having been abandoned by her drug-addict mother and then by her brother as well.


While life can seem like a bed of roses right now, that might not be the case forever. The adage "change is the only constant", however overused, is true. And that's why it's important to plan enough for your retirement in the long run and emergencies in the short run.

Your emergency fund should have necessary expenses of up to 6-12 months kept aside to help you ride over rough financial times. You can park this money in a liquid fund so that not only can you redeem instantly, when needed, but also earn some returns in the meantime!

As for your retirement corpus, start setting aside small amounts every month once you start earning, because your income stream might be impermanent, but your expenses will continue, even rise, as you delve into the twilight years of your life.

As financial planner Sanjeev Davar explains, "Begin your personal finance journey right from the first paycheque. While the retirement age remains unchanged, life expectancy has gone up. Increasingly, there is a need for a bigger corpus to support millennials for a longer duration."

A concentrated portfolio is detty, so diversify!

If you love Eric, it's majorly because of how confident and self-assured he is in his identity and body. His colorful and loud attire never fails to catch your eye, right?

Sticking to your financial plans and not swaying with temporary market trends with Eric's certainty is a blessing! But more than that, with his eye-catching fashion sense, there is never a dull moment! And just like Eric's fashion, don't be afraid to diversify your funds in various asset classes like equity, debt, and more.

Since youth does come with a higher risk and volatility appetite, it is okay to invest more money in equity funds for higher returns. Putting all your eggs in one basket (another overused phrase!) is never a great idea. Diversification helps you cushion your losses by increasing your market exposure.

Another way to go about diversification is to invest in index funds, which mirror a particular market index like Sensex or Nifty. And based on how the market is performing, don't forget to review and rebalance your portfolio so that your money is optimally invested at all times. Reviewing your portfolio annually as you cross each milestone in life, be it a career switch, higher education, marriage or more is crucial so that you're always at the top of your game!

You are very very risky, you make my portfolio hurt!

Adam wasn't particularly likable and a bully at first, but once you get to see his over-domineering father, headmaster Micheal Groff and his unrealistic, overreaching, and cold expectation from his son, you begin to see Adam's low sense of worth and feeling of inadequacy, making us sympathetic to his cause.

Now, consider Mr. Groff to be the stock market. Saw how Adam's direct, constant exposure wilted him completely? Investing directly in stocks, similarly, is a very risky affair! Buying or selling individual securities requires expertise and skill most of us don't have, and it's best to leave making investment decisions to someone who understands the market well, like a mutual fund manager.

Buying individual stocks, apart from being extremely expensive and an emotional phenomenon, also reduces your chances of diversification, increasing your chances of a substantial loss

Love isn't about grand gestures, or the moon and the stars, and so is investing!

Otis waited for Maeve! A reliable, committed sweetheart, Otis did have his share of flaws, but he always knew that Maeve was the one for her! Always there for his friends, Otis is the definition of the good boy and also, a great investor!

The first trait of a good investor is patience, along with starting early in the investing space. SIPs (Systematic Investment Plans) are your best bet to get started in the market without burning a deep hole in your pocket.

SIP allows you to periodically set aside a specific amount to invest in mutual funds, instead of investing in lump-sum. This period can be monthly, weekly, or any time frame of your liking. But remember, this is a long-term investment route because SIPs need the magic of compounding to generate solid returns in the future.

Say you invest just Rs 1,000 per month in the stock market for a period of 5 years. Calculations suggest that at an expected, assumed 12 percent rate of returns, you'll end up earning Rs 22,486 in returns over your total investment of Rs 60,000, taking your corpus to Rs 82,486.

According to Nema Chahhya Buch, a financial planner, "Investing is a lot about the power of compounding and enhancing the time value of money. Hence starting early is very important".

Your generation can do better at investing! Information is empowering

And lastly, the sassy and outgoing Jean Milburn, too, has some words of financial wisdom, apart from her much-needed frankness on sex and intimacy. Information is indeed empowering, so make sure you constantly read, learn and evolve in this financial journey of yours! Audiobooks, Youtube videos, podcasts, or books by investing legends like Buffett- take your pick! Also, having a financial advisor to guide you and navigate through your investing goals and financial planning is also a good place to start.

It's time to get on that personal finance management bus, don't you think?
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