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A Jewellery Gifting Guide According to Your Relationship Stages

It could be love at first sight or a long friendship that's just moved into a deeper phase. But you know that this time it's for keeps. It may not be time for a ring yet, but there are many different ways to say you care with the help of a little sparkling gift. Here are some ideas -

'We Completed 6 Months’ Stage

You are still in the rosy phase of the relationship where every little gesture counts, but flashy gifts are still a no-no. Think a simple pendant or studded gemstone earrings that speak of your good taste, and your appreciation of the beginnings of a relationship that promises to last a lifetime. A charm bracelet can also be a good way to say how charmed you continue to be every day, basking in her love!

‘We Are Official on Social Media’ stage

This is when your relationship has reached a comfortable enough phase for you to shout it from the rooftops, which in modern parlance translates to stories on Insta. It is serious enough for you to invest in a solid gold bracelet for him, or maybe some chic pearl earrings for her, both of which speak of durability and the promise of being together for many years to come. And of course, it doesn’t hurt to wear your gifts and pose for the world to admire!

‘We are Steady’ stage

This is when it gets truly serious and you know you should seal it with a jewellery gift that expresses your intentions in a truly classic way. This is when you know in your hearts that you are made for each other and no one else matters. What better than a pair of exquisitely ornate chandelier earrings she will cherish all her life? Or perhaps a slim platinum ring engraved with his initials that he will always hold close to his heart all his life?

‘We Say We Do’ stage

Congratulations, you have lasted through the rosy engagement, the trifling quarrels and misunderstandings and made it to the stage where you know you are definitely destined to be with each other.  The occasion calls for a celebration which is as classic and timeless as your love! This is the right time to gift her timeless jewellery piece like a Polki Choker from Kalyan Jewellers wedding collection, something that talks about your timeless love and something she will cherish forever!

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