Friday, 11 Oct, 1.07 pm Muhurat by Kalyan Jewellers

How to pair Gold jewellery in your Pre-Wedding Shoot

It's true - no Indian wedding is complete without gold! Be it the bride or the groom's side of the family, gold is almost synonymous to weddings in India. The pride and popularity associated with this metal is visible across any societal class. When it comes to weddings - gold is not just considered auspicious but it also serves as a security for the new bride to feel financially independent.

And why just the main event? Gold is increasingly getting popular for all pre-wedding ceremonies - be it mehendi, sangeet or a bridal shower! But most of all, who wouldn't want to capture their love in a pre-wedding photo-shoot.

Pick a Beautiful Location

Scout for a beautiful location, perfect backdrop and the photographer that makes you comfortable in front of the camera. We don't want you to get conscious while holding hands with your partner.

If you are visualising an elegant, classic white look by the sea, pick jewellery featuring classic solitaire shapes - heart, oval, round, marquise, pear and cushion set in gold. And if you like to pose under the moonlight and the stars, in a traditional theme, then style your outfit with coloured precious stones like Emerald and Ruby set in gold.

Or if you are more of the romantic picnic date couple, then go for quirky designs in gold with a little sparkle to shine. The idea here is to look trendy and yet unique - just like your love-story.

Gold is versatile

The versatility of gold lies in the multiple ways it can be mixed n matched as per the location, day part, outfits and mood. In fact, it is this range of jewellery, with those subtle nuances and the perfect finish is what you find at Kalyan Jewellers. Their biggest strength is in their craftsmen who create unique designs from every nook and corner of India making it a hub for designs for every occasion.

Why wait then? Step into the world of Kalyan Jewellers and find the perfect piece in gold that would complement your delicate romance for a pre-wedding shoot.

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