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Role of virtues in a relationship

When it comes to happy and healthy relationships, there is no magic formula, but there are a few virtues that are found in people who make good, long term partners. Do you, and your partner, have these virtues needed for successful relationships? Let us take a look.

1. Effective communication

The art of listening, the art of arguing without fighting and the art of expressing oneself are so important. Have a dialogue and sort out the issues if any, and communicate any challenges in your relationship. Arguments too can be healthy if done the right way. The way we argue must help us learn about each other, not hurt each other. Listening is also understanding what your partner believes in and how they think.

2. Patience

We are all created with distinctive traits, values, strengths and weaknesses and we are all on our own path in life. Our experiences shape who we are. Patience with each other is so important in a relationship. By knowing our partner in and out, one can understand their strengths and imperfections and become more patient when interacting with them.

3. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is such a key element in a wholesome relationship, because, truth is, people are not perfect. Forgiving means you are willing to let go of hurt, so your mind will not carry the bitterness. Studies have shown that couples who exercise forgiveness are more in the offing to enjoy healthier and more sustaining romantic relationships.

4. Acceptance

Forgiveness and acceptance go hand in hand. The virtue of acceptance means you simply accept your partner without essentially agreeing with their thoughts.

5. Honour and respect

One of the most important virtues in a relationship is honour and respect for each other. You display that you respect them in the way you treat them and the way you talk to them and about them. A partner who doesn't lie to you and always respects your opinion is worth cherishing.

These are some of the virtues your partner and you must have for a relationship to be healthy. Healthy & joyful relationships deserve to be cherished now and then. Making moments memorable is very important and Kalyan jewellers' exquisite collections can help you celebrate. Cherish the love with golden glitters because what's rarest shines the brightest.

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