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    Coronavirus Pandemic: Here's what corporates are doing to assist BMC in fight against COVID-19

    With the number of coronavirus cases increasing gradually in Mumbai, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) is readying itself for a war against the COVID-19 pandemic. The BMC capacity-building and research structure at Powai seemed like an abandoned structure a fortnight ago, but today has transformed into a sanitised isolation facility with 100...

    • 2 hrs ago
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    BMC sets up a 250-bed Quarantine facility at Powai

    With the number of cases of COVID-19 on the rise, BMC has been ramping up its facilities to make sure that there is no shortage. In line with the same, the civic body today announced that it has set up a 250-bed quarantine facility at Powai. They have achieved this by transforming BMC's training facility, MCMCR. In order to achieve this in record time, BMC also thanked Maharashtra Chamber of...

    • 3 hrs ago
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    What can be the possible outcomes of the coronavirus pandemic

    A global crisis such as the one we are facing now hasn't been witnessed in our lifetime, with most veterans comparing it to a World War II situation. It has gripped everyone alike and in millennial terms has been trending for well over a month now. What's ominous is experts saying that the worst is yet to come. So how long exactly will this last, and how many people are actually going...

    • 4 hrs ago
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    What India can learn from coronavirus hit countries

    From a distant 'Chinese virus' in an unheard province to the terrifying stories from Italy to a nationwide lockdown in India, the last month has been as eventful as any for the current generations. What was needed upfront was a universal, unified strategy to combat the then epidemic. But the erratic spread across continents left global leaders scrambling to take action in time. Although the...

    • 4 hrs ago
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    IIT Bombay develops 'CORONTINE' - an app to track potential coronavirus carriers

    Over the last few days, India has seen an increase in COVID19 cases, and the scenario is similar in Maharashtra, where the number of coronavirus cases in Mumbai and other cities has gone up. While many across the world are working towards finding a solution to tackle the current outbreak, IIT-Bombay, in a recently released announced has said that a team at Indian...

    • 5 hrs ago
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    Coronavirus Pandemic: Central Railway prepares a quarantine facility with over 1000 beds

    The Indian Railways is preparing itself for a fight against the coronavirus pandemic. The Central Railway has set aside 1,050 beds to quarantine nCOVID-19 patients across its zone. This consists of cities, Pune and Nagpur where 20 and 4 people have been tested positive respectively. The corporation has prepared the railway workforce to fight against...

    • 6 hrs ago
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    Maharashtra may hit 30 million (3 crore) Coronavirus cases by April-May 2020: CDDEP Study report

    Amidst the coronavirus outbreak across the world, several departments are trying to ensure some clarity for the future. With the currently increasing COVID-19+ cases in India, the government along with many healthcare officials are working hard to keep the cases under control, thereby treating them to the best possibility. However, a recently...

    • 14 hrs ago
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    Shirdi Sai trust will donate Rs 51 crore to combat coronavirus

    At the time of this crisis, there are many that are coming forward with their generous contribution to help the state and the country to fight a battle with coronavirus. Today, Shri Saibaba Sansthan Trust, Shirdi announced that it is giving a donated of Rs 51 Crore to Maharashtra Chief Minister's Relief Fund to fight the COVID19 pandemic. CRPF too has made a donated worth Rs 33.81...

    • 19 hrs ago
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    BMC plans to ready 1,000 more isolation wards in the coming 5 days

    As the total number of cases in the state continues to increase, BMC is trying to add more beds and facilities so that they are able to easily accommodate and give the required care to the new patients. As a part of this on-going effort, BMC has decided that it will be setting up 1,000 isolation beds in its peripheral and speciality hospitals. As per sources, senior officials,...

    • 20 hrs ago
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    Coronavirus Pandemic: BEST and BMC help Israelis stranded in Mumbai to fly back home

    A group of Israelis in Mumbai were able to reach their home with a little help from the Indian government, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) and the Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST). The group travelled to Israel in their national carrier EL Al on Wednesday. After the Indian government announced a ban on domestic and international...

    • 22 hrs ago