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Indian Tech Industry - COVID-19 Resilience Practices - June 2020

COVID-19 has generated unprecedented exigency response from organizations and governments. Unprecedented situations demand unprecedented actions!

With all delivery locations under lockdown, it was a herculean task for the Indian Tech industry to take care of clients, employees and the larger community. IDC and NASSCOM came together to jointly conduct interviews with several of our industry partners, leaders, and the real champions of resilience management "war rooms" to collate a set of practices around BCP planning, global/local communication, services delivery and efficient work-from-home to ride over the COVID-19 crisis.

This collation of real-time challenges, and measures adopted to resolve them on-the-ground, illustrates the inherent strength and importance of standard BCP plans built and practiced by the Indian Tech companies during normal times. The industry, after initial challenges, was able to mobilize exemplary BCP/DR resources to ensure continued business for client services worldwide, while ensuring employee safety and engagement throughout these testing times.

Some takeaways from our analysis are:

  • Indian IT industry has shown phenomenal resilience in ensuring continuity of critical services to clients while taking care safety of employees and community.
  • The pandemic is a litmus test for IT service providers to activate their Business Continuity Plans (BCP), support employees working from home without diluting the quality of services to their clients.
  • How services companies react on both the human and economic level to the immediate threats will determine their future.
  • Those that support clients and communities on both a human and a business level should prosper over the long term.

As the industry embarks on a restart and recovery path, some recommendations that can be useful:

  • Be flexible, transparent and empathetic towards your stakeholders, both internal and external. Support your employees, clients and partners.
  • Don't stop communicating. Go out of the way to prove that you care and are around to support your clients.
  • Revise existing BCP strategy and develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to address similar situations in future.
  • Embrace new normal like work from home and management/governance through collaboration platforms.
  • Security is paramount. Build a comprehensive security strategy encompassing internal as well as client's security needs.

Also, do read our collation of specific resilience best practices in this study - NASSCOM-Zinnov-Resiliency of the Indian ER&D Ecosystem During Covid-10 - May 2020.

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